Sunday, October 28, 2012


Today was almost perfect. Like really, really, really perfect fall weather. The sky was as blue as it gets and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The only part that wasn't perfect was that Ty had to leave and head back out again this week for when Tobin woke up from his last nap of the day we were just the two of us. We decided to take full advantage and went out for some fun down at the lake. Tobin ate leaves and mommy took her camera...everyone had fun!

That is till Tobin started wrestling Mommy and decided he also wanted to nurse...he's become ummm, kind of apparent and while this is going to seem wholly inappropriate as a description it's really the most accurate - but he pretty much motorboats me in public. If you don't know what that means, I've linked to the urban dictionary for you. So, that little rendezvous was wrapped up and we headed home where we could take care of business;) But thankfully before all that we got some fabulous shots to capture the fall fun!

Oh fall, you're just the best!

p.s. Babies in fleece pullovers are absolutely delicious. I could have squeezed him to pieces.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! Sounds like a nice afternoon. -W

Megan said...

Great pictures!! Glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful fall day :)

Brionna said...

I Love fall days like that! So perfect! Tobin is too funny enjoying those leaves. Great photos!