Friday, September 7, 2012

Seven Months!

So, seven months! SEVEN MONTHS, people.

I don't know - we've tipped over into the now closer to a year territory and that is crazy to me. Just crazy. But here we are - and where to begin? Six months was a big one in our world - we mastered crawling, had two teeth show up (finally - the drool!), and just as quickly as we mastered crawling we decided that was boring stuff and have moved on to standing and trying to walk. Now, I'm sure that this process will take a while but really the whole standing thing has added a whole new dimension to our lives. Particularly bedtime...lay him down and he pops right back up. He now yells for me while standing and it's amazing how much louder he sounds now that he can cry for me from above the crib vs. laying in it.

Oh, and the standing/walking ventures have also made me question this child's IQ level. Seriously, NO CONCEPT of gravity or fear. Unlike some kiddos I've watched who tentatively attempt to walk while holding on to the side of the couch, table,, Tobin literally smiles and lets go and then looks genuinely confused (and sometimes offended!) when he finds himself on his back after falling. So needless to say, he requires constant (as if it weren't constant before) supervision. We've done the baby-proofing thing, but let's be honest we can't very well pad our walls/floors so we think we may be in for some fun times ahead - say a prayer for him now, will ya? Or better yet, say a prayer for me!

But really. Oh man, I can't even put into words how much I've fallen in love with this boy. I think I've said this before but sure you love them the minute they enter the world but then this relationship begins to form because you get to know get to see their little personality develop and this guy is just the best. And while he's "so boy" and as active as you can be - he has a really gentle spirit and he is just the happiest kid you've ever met. He has this fabulous laugh and he opens his mouth all wide and his eyes get squinty and I'm pretty sure he's got dimples in BOTH cheeks. 

But enough with the words, here's a lot of pictures to catch you up on the last month!

We tried to capture the standard bear+ Tobin photo, these were are attempts...thanks to Julie for our favorite onesie!

We still really, really, really love bath time!

Standing+eating+drooling = Tobin's favorite.

This was his first time ever standing up in his crib, he was very proud!

These are my most favorite pictures taken to date, they are quintessential Tobin. Love that face!

Where-oh-where will this month take us!? We can't wait for what's ahead!