Friday, May 31, 2013

He's an animal...

Tobin's vocabulary thus far really centers around the word "ball." Anything circular is, well, a ball! One doesn't quite realize how many things are spherical in nature until you have a boy following you around shouting "ball" at each object. Trust me. A lot. Try walking through Target with that bullet sign logo of theirs...whole new experience:)

He says plenty of other words too, but what he really excels in - animal noises. Of course. Out of nowhere the other day he was pointing to the snake on one of the pages of this book (a current favorite) and was making a hissing noise. Cracks me up! As of right now he knows a lion, snake, dog, cat, and cow. **Edited to add - oh, and monkey. After I posted this I went back and watched and remembered! Hahaha this is why I should probably blog more and remember stuff!**

And I must point out that his dog sound is a dog panting vs. barking - which is totally fair considering he lives in a house of pugs. So, in his world - that is totally what a doggy says!

I managed to get a few on camera and thought I'd share...of course he was distracted by Grandpa playing guitar in the background, but at least he gave me a little attention...which is pretty amazing because in Tobin's life Grandpa and music rate just about as high as "ball." :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He's got moves.

In case you were looking for something to's nearly two minutes worth of some hot moves courtesy of Tobin this evening. Note his fancy footwork around the 1:30 mark....