Friday, September 30, 2011

Update and plans...

Hey there!

So yeah, it's the last day of September I managed to skip an entire month of blogging. Oops. Rather than list all the reasons that kept me away, I'll just jump into the update:

Things are great! I'm feeling really good and at most times don't feel pregnant - that is till I catch myself in a mirror or feel the little dear (ps that's our nickname for him right now, that and fat kid) try to make an escape for it out the side of my right ribs. Neato! Honestly, it really cracks me up - he's done it way more than once and it's always the right side. He's convinced that's the exit and he kind of just propels himself up right towards under my ribs and tries to keep moving forward. The first time it happened I pushed back and am pretty sure I felt his little head, SO crazy! So let's all start praying the kid learns a sense of direction and come four months from now realizes ribs do not equal exit:)

We had our big ultrasound (anatomy scan) last week and he was still very much a he - so no doubts there:) And he is as healthy as can be - praise God! We have to have another one because the stinker was sleeping and wouldn't move to get some of the final heart measurements they need, but the sonographer said everything she could see looked perfect, but they'll have to have us in regardless to make sure they can complete "their checklist." So keep praying that the next time we go in all will continue to be well! As for how he's doing - apparently he's already showing that he's bigger than average and at the time he was already over ten inches and a little over a pound - that's our fat kid:) He also gave us a thumbs up which was pretty funny:) See below:

We had held off on any MAJOR nursery plans till we got the second ultrasound to confirm that he is still a boy:) So now plans are in full swing - and oh boy, are we having fun! I can't wait to show you guys the final product but right now here's a bit of inspiration of where we're headed:

And yes, I discovered Piknik. Between Piknik and Pinterest planning will have never been so much fun!

More pictures to come, including belly shots that aren't taken with my phone:)