Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Redux....

So August isn't over, but it might as well be. I feel like I'm having one of those "Dude, where's my car?" moments except it's more like "Dude, where's my life?"

Where did the first part of August go? I think I blacked out in early July.

We have been so busy, but only because we are SO blessed to have so many wonderful friends who have decided to make the trek out to see us this summer. And it's been SO much fun!

John and Kendall came out the last weekend in July and helped us usher in August....and we hadn't seen them in THREE years! Hours flew by as we talked late into the night and played multiple rounds of Beanie (only the best game ever which they introduced to us, thanks J&K!)

(Best group picture award goes to ....US!)

The fabulous news is that I'll be seeing Kendall in just another few months for her baby shower, they're expecting in early January and I'm SO beyond excited!

Then shortly after their visit we had another Oregonian couple come out - Ty's cousin and wife - Matt and Beth. Or as I kept calling them when I was tired late at night, Bat and Meth. That's a fun twist, huh? We took them to Kemah and it was H-O-T out there on the boardwalk, but we had tons of fun!

(The Gulf! So pretty...and STEAMY hot., I think I lost 3 lbs. of water weight that day!)

(The Fam on the Boardwalk)

(This cracks me up, you know the Seagull's got to be thinking "Why you gotta be a no-person in a yes-world?!)

THEN...immediately after Bat and Meth left we helped moved Becky to Austin into her first place because my parents were moving Matthew to ASU. We have a ton of pictures from the move to Austin, and I still need to upload them since we just got back a day ago....stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orange You Glad?

My hair is orange.

Yup, that's right. I've made a huge boo-boo and trying to get my roots to not look SO blonde against the dark brown it was colored below, has now resulted in a shade of orange. Ty says I'm dramatic, but people...I implore you - when I have ever been dramatic???

Okay, so I can be a wee enthusiastic from time to time. But really people. It's a shade of ORANGE.

So a few things have been decided.

1. I'm going back to blonde, or a shade of, by my 28th bday. That gives me about 3 months. Not long, but hopefully long enough so I don't fry my hair completely and have to go all Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby on you all.

2. I need to cut off some of the length and I need more style. But this is where you come in - any suggestions? I'm willing to take it up to the collarbone but not above, because that results in mushroom face explosion (it's a real diagnosed condition). AND I'm keeping the bangs in SOME form, because without them I have five-head, a la Miz Tyra Banks.

SO leave me a comment and tell me what to do!!! Orange you glad I asked?