Sunday, November 29, 2009


We're in the house. And we hosted Thanksgiving four days later:) Call me crazy, but it really was a team effort and it was so nice to give thanks in the new homestead.

In the last post I promised blogging overload with lots of pictures and trust me I've taken LOADS of pictures. In fact, Ty even told me I needed to stop - to which I replied, "But we MUST heavily document this journey." Like I'm on some path of enlightenment;) So pictures are aplenty!

BUT looks like we lost our camera cord again!


So not knowing how long it will take us this time around to find the camera cord, I withdraw my promise for pictures. BOO! But hopefully we get everything settled sooner than later and we can have a long picture blog-fest! Sounds like fun, no?

P.S. Also went to Michael's today. Emerged bloodied and covered with gold glitter - it was fabulous. I have many projects I hope to blog on in the near future, so you better get ready because it's going to be WAY too much fun!

P.P. S. Just kidding about the bloodied part;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Home - An Update

Hi Everyone!

Good news, all went to plan and the keys to the house are in our possession...holla!

I am SO excited. Like ready to jump out of my own skin excited. But I'm in CA for work and head back tonight, so no pictures yet:(

We move in this weekend and I cannot wait to share pictures of the move! Be ready for blogging overload;)

PS - Get out your calendars asap and let me know when you'll all be coming out for a visit!