Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disses & Kisses

Okay, so I am COMPLETELY stealing this blog post idea from my favorite wedding photographer, Jasmine Star, who I still stalk on a regular basis, because well...she's just that amazing. When Ty looks over my shoulder and sees me reading wedding-related blogs, I feel I have an excuse when I'm reading J*'s, because it's inspirational:) I get a pass for that one, right???

Anyways, back to the post. She does a weekly disses and kisses post that I figured is the perfect way to help keep me posting at least once a week. And it's fun. So here goes...

This week's disses go to:
*Moving. Thanks a lot moving, now I can't find anything I'm looking for. Ever. Like that camera cord that would have made blog posting so much more fun with new pictures.
*Cake Batter Cookies. Yeah, umm...these are of the devil. For some reason I can't convince my mouth to think otherwise and stop shoveling them down!
*Paint. Creativity flowed wild as soon as we moved in to our new little place we call home, and I have the blue paint in my hair to show for it. Awesome.

This week's kisses go to:
*Moving. I really do love you Texas! You are so pretty with all your greenery and wildlife. I was on a walk and saw the most beautiful doe, two of them! Then a tomato-red cardinal flew past, it's like I walked on the set of Bambi or something:)
*YMCA. I already have a membership. Holla! Maybe this will help with the issue of the Cake Batter Cookies?
*Paint. My pretty blue with black trim bathroom rocks. Pics coming as soon as I find the camera cord!


Kelley said...

LOVE IT! I suddenly had cookie cravings when I read this - thanks a lot. :) And the final result of the paint will be fantastic. Get on trying to find the camera cord!

Julie said...

Love j*'s blog - I subscribe, I won't lie. I like her photography, too!

Um, I need the recipe for the cake batter cookies... they sound simply scrumptious!!!