Sunday, October 28, 2012


Today was almost perfect. Like really, really, really perfect fall weather. The sky was as blue as it gets and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The only part that wasn't perfect was that Ty had to leave and head back out again this week for when Tobin woke up from his last nap of the day we were just the two of us. We decided to take full advantage and went out for some fun down at the lake. Tobin ate leaves and mommy took her camera...everyone had fun!

That is till Tobin started wrestling Mommy and decided he also wanted to nurse...he's become ummm, kind of apparent and while this is going to seem wholly inappropriate as a description it's really the most accurate - but he pretty much motorboats me in public. If you don't know what that means, I've linked to the urban dictionary for you. So, that little rendezvous was wrapped up and we headed home where we could take care of business;) But thankfully before all that we got some fabulous shots to capture the fall fun!

Oh fall, you're just the best!

p.s. Babies in fleece pullovers are absolutely delicious. I could have squeezed him to pieces.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eight and halfish months

As I sit here waiting for a gazillion files to upload to Dropbox for a work project, I figured I would take quick advantage of the time to jot out a quick update on our Tobin. So, we're a little past the 8 month mark, but this will count, right?

That face. Oh, that face. I love him. This last month he has grown so much. He is a little man with so much personality - some traits are emerging that shall I say this...will need to be refined to be their best quality. He is scheduled to a fault. And if you do not stick to that said schedule, it is a DISASTER. And oh, oh, oh is he stubborn. We had a meltdown this evening because we did not read our books before bed. SHOCK AND HORROR. He made himself cry so hard he nearly threw up. But, then we read some Skippyjon Jones and Gray Rabbit's 1,2,3 and all was alright with the world.

Speaking of reading, while he's always loved it, this last month took it up a whole new level. We read many books multiple times before we're okay with them being put to rest and while we referenced a few favorites above, others include Dog, Heads, and Tails. He adores them!

Also new over this last month - he sleeps the entire night without waking to nurse. It's been nearly four weeks now, and sometimes I miss that time together, but I'm also loving this full night's rest thing too...

We are pulling up on things constantly - the table, the chairs, the refrigerator, mom's's non-stop. I don't really like this phase of wanting to walk but not yet able to do so - it's scary and constant. But on the walking front he is crazy - he is relentless in his want to walk. My mom thinks he'll be walking by nine months...I still think we have some time to go, but we shall see!

I feel like he's trying to be a toddler before his time and all I want him to do is slow down a little. But since I know that won't happen - we're really having a blast over here and seriously I think Tobin could make a Duggar out of me. Ten more, twenty more? SURE! (Ty will die when reading this.)

Looking forward to a fun November - Nine months in November - it's gotta nice ring to it, huh?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


When I'm home alone (Ty was at the gym)...this is what I do in order to cook. What you can't see is me dodging from behind our pocket door to "get him"  - he loves it. Well, I guess you can "see" it when the video gets all shaky. Ha! Whatever - poor camera skills over here, I guess!

I still need to write his 8 month update, but let me just tell you I HATE OCTOBER. Really. Get me to November in one piece, and there will be blog posts aplenty.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed. Hope you ALL have a fabulous week ahead!

p.s. Yes, the boy is wearing stripes on stripes - that's kind of matching by default right? You can tell we were trying hard over here today...

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's like a sigh of relief....

When after a busy day, I get to hear this kid belly laugh. So great.

p.s. This pic will have appeared on Facebook, Instagram, and now the blog. I love it so much. I also love the  leftover food by his ear that looks like ear wax. It is apple/carrot. Not ear wax. Promise!

p.s.s. Instagram!!! J'adore! Please get on Instagram all of you. I love it. You will love it. I will love looking at your pictures. Do it today!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

Life lately has been a little on the busy side. And from the way October looks to be shaping up (and it's just the first day!), this month will take the cake. There really is not a day that goes by where I feel like there's enough of me to go around - there really isn't. But here I sit blogging for a second - ha! Take that - work, schedules, errands...look at me doing what I want!

But I digress. So, how is everyone? Life around these parts, aside from busy, has been loads of fun. The busyness of the day is always punctuated by joy in what free time we have on the weekends and we are taking full advantage of the whispers of fall that made their way into our town this weekend. Yesterday, Ty and I sat outside and I wore, get this -  a hooded sweatshirt - what??? I know - absolutely crazy. And fabulous, to boot!

So, those moments of punctuation? Those moments of joy in our household? Here's a few snippets:

The rest of my fall decorations? In a bin...but I did manage to get a little something out to welcome fall!

I feel like the shirt says it my boy!

What? I totally should be helping you unload the dishwasher, right?
I will hopefully not be too tardy to Tobin's 8 month update, but if I'll understand, right? Hope everyone is having a fabulous start to my favorite time of year! Welcome, fall:)