Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eight and halfish months

As I sit here waiting for a gazillion files to upload to Dropbox for a work project, I figured I would take quick advantage of the time to jot out a quick update on our Tobin. So, we're a little past the 8 month mark, but this will count, right?

That face. Oh, that face. I love him. This last month he has grown so much. He is a little man with so much personality - some traits are emerging that shall I say this...will need to be refined to be their best quality. He is scheduled to a fault. And if you do not stick to that said schedule, it is a DISASTER. And oh, oh, oh is he stubborn. We had a meltdown this evening because we did not read our books before bed. SHOCK AND HORROR. He made himself cry so hard he nearly threw up. But, then we read some Skippyjon Jones and Gray Rabbit's 1,2,3 and all was alright with the world.

Speaking of reading, while he's always loved it, this last month took it up a whole new level. We read many books multiple times before we're okay with them being put to rest and while we referenced a few favorites above, others include Dog, Heads, and Tails. He adores them!

Also new over this last month - he sleeps the entire night without waking to nurse. It's been nearly four weeks now, and sometimes I miss that time together, but I'm also loving this full night's rest thing too...

We are pulling up on things constantly - the table, the chairs, the refrigerator, mom's's non-stop. I don't really like this phase of wanting to walk but not yet able to do so - it's scary and constant. But on the walking front he is crazy - he is relentless in his want to walk. My mom thinks he'll be walking by nine months...I still think we have some time to go, but we shall see!

I feel like he's trying to be a toddler before his time and all I want him to do is slow down a little. But since I know that won't happen - we're really having a blast over here and seriously I think Tobin could make a Duggar out of me. Ten more, twenty more? SURE! (Ty will die when reading this.)

Looking forward to a fun November - Nine months in November - it's gotta nice ring to it, huh?


Kelley said...

HAHAHAHA! I was laughing out loud about the's so funny how kids make sense of the world and what they expect and what they want to do. That is hilarious!! Yay that he loves reading! Takes right after his mom. :) You're right - he is moving so fast through everything...I think all these things mean that he's so curious and motivated which is great. Darling pics!

Brionna said...

I just love his face! Those expressions are just priceless! He is trying to grow at record pace but believe it or not, it goes faster the more kiddos you add. So Duggar it up! ;) Can't wait for Nine months in November.