Sunday, October 14, 2012



When I'm home alone (Ty was at the gym)...this is what I do in order to cook. What you can't see is me dodging from behind our pocket door to "get him"  - he loves it. Well, I guess you can "see" it when the video gets all shaky. Ha! Whatever - poor camera skills over here, I guess!

I still need to write his 8 month update, but let me just tell you I HATE OCTOBER. Really. Get me to November in one piece, and there will be blog posts aplenty.

Anyhow, I'm off to bed. Hope you ALL have a fabulous week ahead!

p.s. Yes, the boy is wearing stripes on stripes - that's kind of matching by default right? You can tell we were trying hard over here today...

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Brionna said...

I !ove it! You have to do what you gotta do! Baby jails are a necessity sometimes. I have used one many of times when mine were smaller....kinda wish I could still use one. ;) Tobin looks so happy too he doesn't realize you are using it for your advantage.