Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011...

Ahhh...we made it! I don't know about you all, but the last week was a whirlwind of family, food, and a whole lot of fun - and isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? This year we were lucky enough to have Ty's brother and his family join us for the festivities and I don't think Margot has ever been so happy in her life to have a perma-friend in our youngest nephew, Carson. He dragged her everywhere and she loved every minute of it!

In addition to the usual crew plus Troy, Tracy, Dylan, and Carson - we also had a new visitor, Joplin, who is Matthew's brand-new puppy and you'll see her in all of the photos below. She's just about the cutest thing ever and she made herself right at home in the mix.

Lastly, I'd like you all to know that hosting Thanksgiving while being 7.5 months pregnant isn't really ALL that bad. And I only had one minor meltdown...not too shabby! As always, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

First up - the people who made this year so special...

The pups deserved their own spot...note Raleigh's hysterical underbite. About died when I saw this pic!

The setting...

Which was not to be out-done by the amazing meal...Ty made this roasted pork loin w/rosemary that was out of this world!

And lastly, our attempt to grab a nice photo of us as a couple on our last Thanksgiving as "just us." Though, I feel silly even saying that because baby boy is very much with us in all we do and couldn't be more obviously "with me" as I'm looking very pregnant these days:)

So very much to be thankful for! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

An exchange while pregnant...

This went down on Thursday night before Ty flew home...

Me: Ugh, I'm feeling really big. I'm getting worried about the next 2.5 months...

Ty: Is this because I said I think you're going to get big?

Me: Yeah, that didn't help.

Ty: Well...(long pause), you are.

To which I busted up laughing because really, he's right, and I'm cool with it. Plus - he's the one who has to wake up looking at my face. Which, I do believe, will look like this in three more days post-Thanksgiving -

Happy eating Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

27 Weeks...The Beginning of the End...

Week 27...the final week before the end of it all...

Now, don't get me wrong - I realize there's still much more to go and that an additional twelve weeks of gestating is nothing to sneeze at. But with just one week left till the third and final trimester it's feeling all very real. Like we've pre-registered for the hospital, birthing classes have finished, and we're moving into the phase of "oh my gosh, by the time X is here, that's only X weeks away from the baby!" And those dates which were once far away, really aren't far away at all. Take for example that come Thanksgiving, we're pretty much ten weeks out from our estimated due date. And Thanksgiving is really - what, like pretty much tomorrow, right? Exactly. How. I. Feel.

So we had a quick check-up on Tuesday and I'm still measuring big - music to any pregnant woman's ears, I assure you. But it looks like I'm catching up to my big ol'uterus which is exactly what I predicted would happen. Just so I don't hold out any details on y'all at the last monthly check-up where I was 23 weeks, I was measuring....wait for it....31 weeks! Yes, amazing. I know. Needless to say, I was really curious this time around as to what I would measure. And wouldn't you know it? I'm still at 31, but that's only 4 away from my official 27 weeks. So, looks like I'm playing catch-up. It's like baby boy took out a payday loan, but it not in cash, in uterus space. He just knew he wanted extra room early:) Fair enough. I don't blame him, I like to be comfortable too....and since he's on track and my fluid levels are right where they should be this is "just how I'm carrying." WHICH speaking of - this is a topic that fascinates me and really could be it's own blog post entirely or book for that matter - just how crazy different each woman can carry in pregnancy. Right?? Or is it just me? Please tell me you find this fascinating too:)

Okay, so on to the other stats of fun.

Feeling - GREAT. Really wonderful. Except for leg cramps. I've had three this entire trimester (one to kick it off!) and then I had two nights in a row last week where I was awakened with them...and crap do those hurt. What makes them so bad is the time it takes for your brain to register what's happening and react. So you writhe around in pain until you realize there's a way to position your foot so that it all goes away. I'm not my smartest at 3 this is a fun time.

Weight gain - PS speaking of smart, I just typed "gane" instead of "gain." That's not even a type-o, that's just ridiculous. AND a perfect example of my brain these days. So anywho...weight gain. Continues to stay on the minimal side, and depending on the day I've gained 8-12 pounds. Seriously, I fluctuate that much depending on my water intake. So, let's call it an even 10.

What I'm loving right now - all his movement. It's super cute. I can't get enough of it. The other morning he was really close to my stomach (duh, I know this sounds obvious...but there are times where he feels like he's towards the front of my stomach and others where he's totally hiding out towards my back), so anyways on this particular morning he was close to my stomach so I could really make out where exactly he was and could tell that his back and shoulders were right there and I felt him do this little snuggly motion. You could totally tell he was just getting cuddled up and comfy - about broke my heart. Super cute. So yeah, loving all the movements and watching the firework display he puts on nightly when I go to bed with my stomach popping up and rolling every which way.

And last but not least - the belly shot(s) - here ya go! I don't think there's been much change but here I am - all 27 weeks of my 31 week uterus...and yes - more phone pics. But remember - Ty is out of town every week for work thru December 9th. When he's home on Saturday I forget to think "belly shot!" this will have to do until I bribe my little sister to take on photo duties!