Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog much?

My answer would be apparently, no. As if you couldn't tell! I think this has been the longest spell of no-blogging in a really long time. Not that I'm some major blogger to begin with, but geez, I can't seem to get my act together. Bottom-line, it's been busy over here!

So a little re-cap: there's been lots of shower planning for this guy's arrival. Then there was the actual shower, and my-oh-my was that loads of fun! And I have no pictures. Boo! But don't you worry, there are pictures to come, I just figured I should leave it to Julie and Sarah, because they're the pros;)

As soon as I got home from the shower, it was off to California for work, and well...I just got home this past Friday night. I'm home for a stretch now, and we have so many FUN things heading our way. Which you know what that means? Lots o'blog posts in the future!

John and Kendall come out from Oregon this weekend, Matt and Beth come out (also from Oregon) the following weekend, and then it's time to start moving Becky into her very first apartment! Which also means we have lots of home decorating in our future! For her upcoming 21st birthday we gifted her with this couch and chair:

Pretty fabulous little set for a first place, don't you think? She loves it as-is, which I have to agree we're working on the accessories to match. So, I've got lots to stay-in-touch about over the next few weeks, and I'll do my best to stay on top of it all, so check back often;)

Happy Monday!