Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A step of faith...

I've been holding out on you all with some big news but have been too scared to let it "be known" till now...and now as I type it out it freaks me out a WHOLE lot, so here it goes:

We're three months pregnant with a baby due the first week of February!

We saw the baby again this morning for our "12 week" appointment (I'm officially 11 weeks and 5 days), and saw the little one do a little flutter kick and then - no joke - the baby waved to Ty when he got to look at the screen, it was pretty awesome. This baby and its Dad have something really special going on already, very E.T. and Elliot given that Ty was the first one to know I was pregnant. Ty had been telling me for nearly two weeks that I was pregnant, and when I asked him why he thought that all he would say is "I don't know, I just KNOW." Great answer, huh? He was so persistent about it all that I actually broke down and bought a test before my period was even due...and seriously 30 seconds after I took the test it was a VERY clear positive. 

Now, here's the thing, having a baby at any time is a big head-trip. Getting pregnant so close to the miscarriage is a freaky thing. You have to do it if you want to move forward but to tell you the truth, when I saw that positive reading on the pregnancy test I wanted to throw up a little. Looking back on this now, perhaps this was the start of "morning sickness." At the time I figured it was just nerves, you just don't know if you can do it all over again, but you do and it works out. 

And thank heavens for a very supportive husband who never once admonished my question of "Are you praying today for the baby?" EVERY. SINGLE.DAY. And for a very patient mother who let me constantly barrage her with all my negative and scared thoughts. And for a certain friend who was let in on the news early as my prayer partner who never failed to remind me that I was pregnant NOW and that NOW was good. Thank you.

But now, phew! The news is out. And it feels so good....which is the opposite of how I've felt these past couple months. So now to bring you all up to speed:

How I'm feeling: Now, much better (knock on wood.) Weeks 3.5 to 10, pretty miserable. Let's just say there was an instance of me throwing up and peeing my pants at the same time. That was neato! Also, please imagine Margot standing up against the toilet and trying to put her head in the bowl of it as if she was trying to copy what I was doing as I was throwing up. Raleigh was standing there scared in the doorway. We were quite a sight:)

Cravings: Nothing. Ever. I hate most food. Except my precious bowl of cereal. Oh wait, I think I had my first craving this past weekend, I could not stop thinking about a bean and cheese burro, enchilada style from Carolina's in Phoenix. But clearly a burrito that's 2,000 miles away was not about to happen.

Weight gain/showing: No weight gain at all thanks to hatred of food in general. I'm guessing as I start to feel better this will soon be in the past. But I am definitely starting to show a little, nothing much, but I can see the difference.

What else is there that you want to know? I can't think of anything....except the exciting news that we find out if the baby is a boy or girl NEXT month! Woo-hoo. August 24th will be the big reveal if all goes well, any guesses? IF you want to know anything else, ask away and I can do a follow-up post!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Greeting Committee...

So it's not a video of Margot swimming, but it's still a funny little clip of our craziest addition. She is definitely the social chair of the household and is beyond excited to greet each and everyone of our visitors. Emily and I thought it would be funny to see what would happen if we just ignored her...as you can see she nearly explodes...

And is it just me, or does everyone hate hearing themselves on video? I sound like I have a cold of epic proportions, I'm so nasal-y. Ick If you can ignore me, the video is funny!

We're working on a video of her swimming, hopefully I'll get to that soon. I swear she's part otter!