Friday, August 29, 2008

Through the Storm

For all of you readers in the Valley, I'm sure you got to watch the amazing thunder storm last night, it was HUGE! I'm a big fan of lightning... let me rephrase, I'm a big fan of lightning from a safe distance and in the comfort of my own home:) But regardless, I was sitting upstairs on our bed watching the storm rip through the neighborhood while the sky seemed lit up from within and it suddenly dawned on me...Right now I feel like my life is a lot like that thunderstorm.

There's so much going on, a lot of thunderous "rumblings," if you will. But what's amazing is that as I was watching the storm, the lightning on display was just SO beautiful. The storm was ugly with wind and rain, but the light show was nearly awe inspiring with its magnificence. Then it struck me, God always has a way of making the nastiest storms beautiful, and I need to rest in the fact that my storms of the moment are making way for something beautiful and perhaps even awe-inspiring.

So readers, remember despite the wind and rain that always comes, find the beauty in your storm. Yes, I am a cheese-ball... But a very blessed Cheese-ball with so much to be thankful for!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hills Have NO Hills... I must digress - I hate The Hills. You know that show about those snot-wads in Beverly Hills? BUT that's not the point of this little blog post, the point is that while I was perusing, as a breather from the insanity that is currently my work, I saw that their "Pick of the Day" was dear LC. I find her rather boring really, but I nearly spit out my burrito when I got a closer look. When did it become the fashion to drown oneself in far too long of a garment AND much worse, make it appear as though one's chest is hanging as only a 90-year-old cheerleader who doesn't believe in wearing bras can??? It looks like they're nearly to her navel. CLEARLY the hills have NO hills! Not that we women don't understand LC's plight, but we have ways to help ourselves out, they're called bras.

Deep thoughts readers, deep thoughts...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Pug and His Blankie...

So blog readers (all two of you!) I have a new camera...which means I have new pictures! Hooray! But since work has been so crazy, my only subject on film has been our dear pug, Raleigh:) We bought him a new bed and blanket and he takes his blanket with him EVERYWHERE! It's quite cute. I tried to get him to pose for the pics and you can tell he was quite annoyed. The pics go from irritated confused...he just wouldn't understand why I wanted to take his picture when he was so comfortably asleep! He's such a baby!

Megan's Bridal Shower

My dear friend Megan is getting married this coming October and we recently went to a bridal shower in her honor! Amazingly enough my mom happened to be in town the same weekend so it proved to be a family reunion of sorts considering Megan has been a close family friend for the past 11 years now! We couldn't be happier for Megan and are looking forward to the trek to Chicago in a couple months - stay tuned as I'm sure her wedding will provide a much larger blog announcement!

OH and YES, I do have hair that matches the cabinets...I'm sporting a very brassy 'do these days and I'm not proud.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Yeah, that's right folks - I'm DYING over here! Last night's light show/wind storm went and knocked out our A/C. My head is pulsating as I try to concentrate on work and write in this heat but it just isn't working. We've called the A/C repair dude and they're scheduled to make an appearance between 4-7...knowing my luck, he will show up at 6:59.

I'm melting.....I think I officially hate AZ right now.

PS - Raleigh is sleeping and snoring right next to me, like he enjoys this or something!?! If only I were so comfortable in the heat!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It looks like the masses have taken note...

Of my latest tirade re: Katie Holmes and her many recent episodes featuring pegged jeans. For an interesting and fun read, check out:

PS - What did you all think of last night's So You Think You Can Dance...all I can say is I most definitely have already downloaded, Vitamin String Quartet's "Hallelujah" on my ipod:) Give me a little tartan frock and watch me go!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yeah, I's been a LONG time... has been crazy and I'm kind of regretting that I even took this blog live, but since I think I have all of two readers, that's cool, right? It's okay and I won't fault myself too much for such a lazy attitude regarding my blog. Work is crazy and as I post, I'm sitting in yet another conference call (no worries, I'm good at multi-tasking!)...BUT something is really really bothering me.

What you ask?? What is so troubling that it finally pulled me out of non-blogging state and caused me to post??? THIS IS WHAT'S BOTHERING ME: PEGGED JEANS!

As you all I'm sure have seen, Katie Holmes is single-handedly trying to bring back pegged jeans. I think this just takes denim one step too far. All I can say is: Katie, 1990 called, they want their style back.

I'm not even going to post a picture because I think it only spreads the horrid imagery and NO ONE should be subject to such torture.