Friday, August 29, 2008

Through the Storm

For all of you readers in the Valley, I'm sure you got to watch the amazing thunder storm last night, it was HUGE! I'm a big fan of lightning... let me rephrase, I'm a big fan of lightning from a safe distance and in the comfort of my own home:) But regardless, I was sitting upstairs on our bed watching the storm rip through the neighborhood while the sky seemed lit up from within and it suddenly dawned on me...Right now I feel like my life is a lot like that thunderstorm.

There's so much going on, a lot of thunderous "rumblings," if you will. But what's amazing is that as I was watching the storm, the lightning on display was just SO beautiful. The storm was ugly with wind and rain, but the light show was nearly awe inspiring with its magnificence. Then it struck me, God always has a way of making the nastiest storms beautiful, and I need to rest in the fact that my storms of the moment are making way for something beautiful and perhaps even awe-inspiring.

So readers, remember despite the wind and rain that always comes, find the beauty in your storm. Yes, I am a cheese-ball... But a very blessed Cheese-ball with so much to be thankful for!


Kelley said...

wow - what an inspirational post! :) I think my mom is putting a video of the lightning on her blog. it was like a strobe light she said and when i went to see, we could not believe it!! well, until it hit our house an hour later. I did like it until it took me 1 1/2 hrs to get to work this morning bc downtown looks like a war zone. :) But yes, beautiful all in all :) good post - hang in there - you are doing GREAT!!

JuliAnna said...

Ty said the same thing - it took him SO long to get to work this morning!! You hang in there too! Hope your presentations go off without a hitch today!! I'll be sending good technology vibes your way:)

Joye said...

julianna...that is a phenomenal pic and great post! i video'd it on my camera, but either the resolution was too high or it was too long and it wouldn't post. Darn. That storm was incredible and the continuous drone of the thunder that never ended was equally amazing. just thought i'd say hi!

JuliAnna said...

Hi, Joye! The pic is not mine...that's totally scammed from google image:) But it worked! Hope you're doing well! I will have to see your video of the storm in person!!