Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Apollo, Poseidon...the greek gods don't have anything on this guy.

what, me? just standing here naked. totally normal.
This happened while we were trying to capture his nine month photos today (nine months!). Hopefully I'll get to that later this week, the fact that we even took pictures on time amazes me so a post within a week's time will be considered impressive.

For now, this should give you enough Tobin for a while...and I don't know why people say he's so big. Ha! Really, isn't it funny what you get used to seeing? The other day I told someone he was thinning out. And trust me, he has...he used to have moobs (man boobs) for miles.

Oh, how I love my chunk of Toblerone!

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Brionna said...

Ha!!! Got to love naked babies! He is growing so fast and I think he is thinning out, especially since he is more mobile. Love it!!!