Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nine months!

Here we are...nine months! I tried to get back on track this month with taking pictures in his chair with his bear, but it is NOT easy. The boy just doesn't really sit still and trying to do it alone is just a hazard to us both. Grandma was over, so we took advantage of her help and attempted some shots and this post will have the best of that little shoot:) If I'm being honest - this is really what about 99% of the pictures look like:

You think I'm just going to sit here? Hahahaha...
So, nine months and where to begin? This last month has been all about connections for us which is so neat! Like routines are starting to make a lot of sense to him and you can tell he KNOWS things vs. he's just a baby along for the ride. Like every night, when we're done nursing I say "Where's Tobin's turtle?" and almost every time now he will look up above to his little turtle nightlight and then we stand up, turn it on, and kiss goodnight. And he smiles every single time it lights up - and you can see he expects it. That's so cool to me!

Here's some other fun bits about our little dear at nine months:
  • He shakes his head no - a lot. He's been doing this actually for a long time (and being the crazy person I am, I was seriously worried there was something neurologically wrong at first, bc could he really be shaking his head no?!! - turns out it's just his mom with problems with her head...) but now you can really tell he uses it to relay no or to play back with you. SO fun!
  • He's making lots and lots of noises, mama's a popular one. But his favorite thing is to do this breathy "pa-ba-pa-ba" while kind of blowing raspberries. Because raspberries are how we roll over here.
  • He is obsessed with trying to walk and he really thinks he CAN walk. Which is problematic. Because - newsflash, Tobin - you can't. Thankfully he does understand gravity a bit more now and has a little trepidation (there were a few weeks where this was nonexistent), but he's definitely getting closer with every day. Tonight was SO exciting because he took at least seven unassisted steps going between me and my mom. But that was over a couple tries.
  • He continues to be a wonderfully easy boy - he is just SO joyful and funny. He's very flirtatious. Even when he was really feeling down earlier this week (he has FOUR teeth coming in on top at the same time), you take him out to the store and it's like a light flip switches. He turns it ON for people. It's so ridiculous that at times it's a bit embarrassing. He will call attention to himself by yelling really loud and then will give people the most smirky grin you've ever seen. He's a performer. 
  • He's really tall, I don't know exactly how tall but he just feels so so long lately. Oh, and he's 25-26 pounds, depends on the day. Thanks to the height thing, we also made the move to the big boy car seat this past month. It's been wonderful - I love it and he's much happier. 
Okay, I could go on and on, but I'll finish out with some more pictures!

He didn't want to sit in the chair, he wanted to stand up and peer over the top, so we went with it...
All he really wants to do. And also baby zombie and scary pug on the right;)

And why does ten months sound so much like 12 months? I still feel safe in the nine month zone for some reason, like he's not that close to being one. Oh, how I hope this month takes it time...we'll be back soon!


Brionna said...

Oh such a fun age!!!! The trying to be mobile is scary but they make so many connections once they can move on their own. Tobin is such a happy healthy boy! Love him!

Megan said...

I can't believe it's been 9 months already! He looks so happy! And why wouldn't he be with such awesome parents... :)