Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 38 or almost 39...who cares?!

So, there's been a big debate going since the first ultrasound of this little guy...which put him "due" right exactly when I thought he would be due based on certain information only I, and not my doctor, would be privy to...like say when conception took place;) Well the first ultrasound matched up exactly to my prediction - and that date was February 2nd...based on the little wheel she used which takes into account just the date of my last period he's due on February 7th. And boy do they love that little wheel. But as we all know due dates are just estimates and arbitrary at best...so here we are, somewhere between week 38 and 39 and all I know is the switch has flipped. Meaning, (if you're listening as I type this baby...) you can come whenever you want.

Don't get me wrong, I know that every day he's in there is another day he needs to be there and I've been more than happy to have such a really fortunate third trimester overall...but in the past couple days there's just this sense of "I'm done." And from the looks of it, I think I look done too. It's reached that point where when I'm out shopping or in any public place for that matter I get those looks. You know the ones I'm talking about...where they look at you partly in admiration for still walking upright and then you look closer and see fear in their eyes that you might give birth in their store's backroom if you stay too long...yeah - lots of those looks.

And lately everyone's favorite thing to say is "it's a boy, huh?" So kudos to those people for getting it right, I guess. But do they really have to follow it up with "Yeah, with a boy you're just so OUT THERE and SO ROUND"?!?! Yes. Yes. I am rotund in a very special way and I am "out there." Thank you - I hadn't noticed when trying to put on my shoes this am...but I digress.

So here we are - my next appointment is this Friday so I'll have "real" news to share at that point so for now you just get a pic of me from this evening - lucky yous.
Glowing or sweating...you decide...
And in much more fun news - I took a few sneak peeks of his room! I was going to make a little collage but picnik went and closed on me and I just don't have the energy to try out the google plus editing thing they told me to use in its place...so now we're back to pictures single-file. Whatever. Enjoy!
Had to blur out his name on his "special" book...thanks to Marissa and Megan for the sweet gifts on this shelf:)

The blocks were a gift from Kelley and I'm nothing short of obsessed. LOVE!

The changing station and a glimpse of our rocker in its new fabric!

More fun prints...

More blurriness as I spelled out his name with Kelley's blocks - but you get the idea;)
All that's missing now is the main event himself...and we just can't wait! Anyone want to start a guessing game as to when he'll come? Leave a note in the comments with your guess!


Julie said...

First off, it's definitely a glow, not sweat! And secondly - holy cow, it seems like it's the end so FAST!! OK, only because I'm in blog-land, not up close & personal every day... but SO EXCITING!!! And I know for you every day seems like an eternity and strangely not at the same time, as your family of 2 will become an awesome family of 3 in mere days... enjoy, JuliAnna, you'll miss that babe in there, where only you know his every move... :o) xoxoxo

Good Luck!!!!! (I'm making Kelley keep me posted, as I'm sure she'll be in the know!)

Kendall Lawless said...

I predict February 3rd! I have no idea why, but that's my feeling. Anyone want to put some money on it? If we do that, then I'll definitely win...I'm a gambling champ. :)

You look beautiful and I am just so DANG EXCITED for you!

Megan said...

I'll second the "glowing". You look fantastic, and I can't wait to finally see/meet the little guy. The room looks absolutely wonderful. I'm going to go with Feb 4...

Good luck!

Brionna said...

You do look amazing!! The roundness is just perfect cause if you had a triangular shaped belly I would be a little worried for him ;). His room sneak peaks look great! Can't wait to see more of them and maybe some with him in them once he makes his arrival. I am guessing Feb.1. I had a child on one of your siblings bdays, so you can return the favor ;).