Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Estimated Due Date - January 4th

Things that are funny: Today's ultrasound took into account the length of Little Dear's femur bone and said that based on the length he should be due January 4th. HAHAHA - we all, including the sonographer, had a good laugh at that one! I told Ty he's all to blame on the femur bone extravaganza as clearly the baby is inheriting his legs...what he's inheriting from me? Seems to be my arms - those are the only thing estimated to be "average." So my t-rex arms mixed with Ty equals average:)

So yeah, another ultrasound down. And really it was the least exciting of them all because at this point the little guy is so smashed in there that his head is already shaping to my pelvic bones and there's no chance of getting his face, and we were lucky to get a clear shot of a foot and hand! He's just clearly running out of room in there...So the full report is that now based on the averages that the sonographer produces he's estimated to be weighing in just over 8 pounds and is definitely on the long side...but he's super healthy and everything looks great otherwise! The rest of the measurements put him at an estimated due date of January 28th...which interestingly enough falls closer in line with when I've thought he would be due from the beginning.

In other news, there's a rumor out there right now that I may have dropped a little. I was walking with Kelley around Babies-R-Us on Monday, went to the bathroom and thought "Hmmm, I look different." And as I walked out to ask Kelley if she ever felt like she dropped, she looked at me and exclaimed "Oh my gosh, you've totally dropped!" But it's hard, because now I keep looking and I'm not so sure. Not that dropping is a predictor of anything concrete, but it's a sign of progress all the same.

And while I wish I could share a picture - I can't because I haven't taken any since everyone left this weekend who came in and spoiled me and the baby boy just rotten! It was a gorgeous day all around, and really there are no words to describe what an amazing shower Kelley and Marissa put together for us. I'm so blessed. And to the very many of you who participated in some shape or form, THANK YOU. I really just have the best friends anyone could ask for! As soon as pictures are up I'll be sure to share!

That's the news for now! I'll try and update more often now that we're really in the final countdown!


Mo said...

You are so gorgeous...just literally glowing! Your baby shower was really do have amazing friends and family!! I just can't wait for your little stinker to get here so we can have play dates together!

Julie Kiefer said...

Glad you were so wonderfully showered. Enjoy these last few weeks...make sure you and Ty go out on a couple dates together and go to the movies. :)

Brionna said...

Good news on the progress. He sounds like he is getting close to making his arrival. If he chooses the 28th, he and miss Brylee could share a birthday!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your shower fun. :)

Taylor K said...

Hooray for dropping! Can't wait to see shower photos.