Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Shower Fun & Update

As promised, I'm directing you all to Kelley's blog for baby shower picture fun!! Just looking at the pictures makes me SO excited all over again - it was really the most perfect day. And just a funny note as to how well they know me...note the color of the lanterns and the color in my necklace - not planned at all:) In fact, I'm sure they stifled laughter when I showed them what I was planning on wearing...apparently I'm a tad predictable!

Many thanks AGAIN to everyone for making me and baby boy feel so special!

And a quick update - just returned from my weekly appointment and there's good news...

1. Per my last ultrasound, the little guy has chilled out for a bit and is now in the 90th percentile and such, but is not tipping off the charts. This makes my doctor way more comfortable with just proceeding and there was no more talk of c-section for now...she says now we just wait and see!

2. Baby is head down, at "station 3" which means he's still pretty high up there but that she could already feel the top of his head when she checked me and I'm 50% effaced and barely dilated at a 1 or so...while ALL these things mean nothing in terms of when labor will start they show positive progress - so I'll take it!

I look pretty darn close to what I looked like at my baby shower - so let that be your "belly shot" for now...and I'll try and update again at the end of the week! My mom did mention this morning that she agrees that I'm starting to appear a bit dropped, so hopefully by the end of the week we can see the difference in pictures:) We shall see!


Brionna said...

Yeah!!! So fun! I love the colors and decor too perfect for you. Good to see you and that little boy got pampered.
Progress on the delivery front is progress no matter how big or small. He will be here soon!!!

Megan said...

It looked like a wonderful time, and you look absolutely beautiful! Wish I could have been there, but I hope to see you once the little guy is born so that I can meet him too! (I hear eggplant is labor-inducing food -- not sure if it works, but my coworker swears by it).