Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the day you were due...

I showed up to work - against the (possibly better?) judgement of others who said I should stay home.

Not only did I show up to work, but I prepped for my Board meeting (which will be this evening at 6 I still have some time to go and I'm all set!).

I took one last phone pic to commemorate the many times I've stood in front of this office mirror to admire/gasp/stand in shock and awe??? of my growing belly. (And really, can you be done now?)

And I sat and my desk and thought how lucky am I? I have really had such an awesome pregnancy and now I'm mere hours (I'm feeling optimistic, kid - work with me!) or at most a few days away from meeting you...and I am already so blessed.

So blessed by the times you've had dance parties with me - yes, you have greater odds of liking Beyonce than any other male child I know - what can I say...Love on Top has kind of been our song? You like da'beats, mon!  

So blessed by the many times you reassured me that this pregnancy was here to stay - and oh darn it, look I'm crying as I write this...but really it's like you KNEW when you needed to move or even - make me sick - to know that yes, yes - you were still there and you were healthy and growing.

So, thanks. Thank you my Little Dear, for keeping me such good company over these last 40 weeks. I really, really, really cannot wait to meet you.

With love,
Yer' mom


Megan said...

Love. :) Can't wait to meet him..

Taylor K said...

Totally crying. Can't wait to see your little man!

Kelley said...

Awwww! So sweet!! I'm sure he can't wait to meet you too!!! My heart is just aching for all of you - what you're feeling now...what you're about to go through in labor, and the magnitude of meeting your first born, little boy. I'm just overwhelmingly excited for you!!

Julie said...

Woohoo, baby boy... hurry it up - mama's ready and blog land is ready to meet you!! :o) Oh man... it's getting close! Prayers, hugs & kisses to you!!! xoxo

Sarah said...

!!!! I'm so excited to meet this little guy!

Alisha said...

Oh, my tears! This is the most precious post.

We're all anxiously awaiting his arrival, here in California.

With love, Lisha