Friday, October 21, 2011

Six Months...Too Legit to Quit!

So, here we are - over six months in! I don't know why, but in my head I'm legit now. Too legit to quit. Like now, I'm REALLY pregnant. These past five months, they were pretend but now - now it's for reals. I don't know why, but for some reason in my head that's how it works:)

The Little Dear's bedding arrived this week, and last week the final prints we bought for his room arrived, all the pieces are slowly but surely coming together. I think this weekend we're off to get fabric for the rocker/glider - I'm using a vintage chair my mom has had for years that is just perfect. Save for the fact that it's maroon:) It should come as no surprise that putting together the nursery has been my favorite part thus far, it's the one thing that feels tangible and I can actually SEE the progress happening, vs. what's happening in my stomach which often times feels like I'm partaking in a science experiment on my own body. It's hard to connect the dots that my growing stomach equals a baby in my arms in just three plus months. But when I sit in his room, as I often do, and rock in the rocker I can see and picture him here and that makes me the most excited of all:)

Okay - so to the nitty gritty - six months in and how am I feeling? Pretty darn good! I have to say that I'm still sleeping through the night wonderfully (I know this will change soon enough...), the way I'm carrying has alleviated any hip/pelvic pain for the moment since the majority of my weight is front and center and HIGH. And I mean high, folks. My uterus starts on top of my ribs. I feel like I have accomplished something amazing and must have the world's longest uterus on the world's shortest torso - magic!

At the last appointment the doctor said I'm measuring big - which seems crazy to me because I'm not poking out as far as so many other people I know have - so when we have the ultrasound next week to get the rest of his heart (if you remember he wasn't willing to move at the last ultrasound, apparently he's stubborn) we'll also be looking to see if he's bigger than average. Now, I think these "measurements" they've come up with as guidelines are a bunch of phooey for the most part. Big baby, small baby, whatever - as long as he's healthy in there, I don't care:)

Depending on the time of day I weigh myself, I've gained 8-10 pounds so again, this leaves me confused as to how I'm measuring big when I'm gaining on the conservative end of things. But see above where I said this is all one big science experiment - I've decided there is no rhyme or reason to what a woman's body does in each pregnancy so just go with it!

And now for pictures, I KNOW I said no more phone pics, but Ty is starting a six week traveling stint and family was also out of town this week which left me with no one to snap pictures. AND I'm really determined to start updating more often since we're nearing the third trimester and this is when so much starts you'll have to settle for more phone snapshots! BUT I did jazz them up a little:)

Alright - that's the update for now!!! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend ahead!


Alisha said...

Some say expecting mothers have an otherworldly glow to them... you my dear are just blossoming with beauty. :)

(and btw, the captcha at the bottom of this comment box is "hotogy mom". No kidding!)

Mo said...

So excited for you! You are beautiful!

Brionna said...

So pretty!! I love, love, love your bump!!!! Makes me wanna reach out and give him a little rub. :)

Julie Kiefer said...

You are lookin' great! :)