Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicago - Sarah's Wedding

Imagine my excitement at the thought of getting to escape the heat spell we were having in Houston to go to Chicago for my friend's (Sarah) wedding! After an intense week at work it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered and Ty I had the very best time. Oh, and the weather, the weather was just glorious. We seriously dropped almost 40 degrees flying from Houston to Chicago - and this pregnant lady was NOT complaining!

The trip was marked by good food, visiting with friends, and lots and lots and lots of walking. Seriously, I think I got in my walking for the next month! But the whole heart of the trip was centered around Chris and Sarah's big day - we are SO happy to have been there to celebrate with them! And now, I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

The beautiful bride and handsome groom      

Sarah and her awesome bridal party - these gals are awesome!
A close-up of all their gorgeous bouquets - I LOVED Sarah's colors!
Oh hi - there's pregnant JuliAnna with the gorgeous bride. Note to self - do not take pregnant pictures next to Sarah.
There are no words for how fabulous every person in this photo is - I adore Sarah's parents!
Sweet first dance...

I wish I had actually gotten video of this father-daughter dance instead of the photo, it was one of the best I've seen;)
Me and my favorite dance partner
And to those of you who are wondering as to whether my dance skillz carried over being five months pregnant...I'm proud to say HECK YES. The moves have changed a little, and these feet of mine had to take a break more often than usual, but I stayed out there with the best of 'em:) Now, let's hope they just didn't catch me on video!

Congratulations again to Chris and Sarah - we had the best time ever!!!


Kelley said...

Wow!! What a beautiful wedding! I love those colors!! and you ate such a trooper for going...good for you!! And I never doubted your dance moves. Ever.:)

Brionna said...

So pretty!!! Yeah for a well deserved break! Glad you guys got to go and what gorgeous people in all these pictures.