Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An exchange...

So, remember last year when we were moving Becky into her first apartment in Austin? Well, this year Matthew moved into the top floor of her same little apartment - we like to keep things in the family over here. As you might imagine, record Texas summer temperatures plus pregnancy, means no moving duties for me this year. This year, the honor fell to my Mom, Danny, and Emily. And all was well, till...(there is always a till in my family) my sister's headboard, which is being transferred to Matthew, fell on my Mom's head. Now this headboard is an intense piece of wood, sturdy and definitely able to inflict some serious damage.

Now, before we go any further - my mom is fine and dandy. Just bruised up. BUT that evening she calls me and asks me "google when I should go to the hospital if something falls on my head?" Ummm, what? I told her to proceed immediately to the ER or Urgent Care and gain some peace of mind to know she was fine and wasn't about to pull a Natasha Richardson. So now to the real part of this blog post, Emily and my mom head to Urgent Care while Danny and Matthew continue the move. Throughout their time at the hospital, Emily is texting me updates and letting me know where things stand - what follows is part of our exchange, and it was just too hysterical not to share...

Me: Mom still having head pain? Tell her its good she went to doctor. It will give her peace of mind. Glad she's there.

Emily: No more random pains so far but I just left to find a vending machine and saw a woman in a wheel chair about to give** you better not look that scary

Me: ROFL. That just made me laugh so hard...I'm crying.

Emily: Haha. I'm serious.

Me: Hahahahaha. I know. What was so scary?

Emily: She was screaming like it was a damn demon not a baby, and she was sweating like a whore, and had time to look me in the eye like , "you just wait!"

And that is where I about died from laughter...Oh, Emily...I can't promise you I won't be as scary but you do make me smile:)


Taylor K said...


Kelley said...

ROFL SO hilarious!!! That lady should repeat after me: Ep-i-dur-als. (Why was she in the ER anyway? Oh...maybe it was a 2nd+ child and she didn't have time to get to L&D? So sorry for her.)

Brionna said...

HAHA!!! So funny! I love will definitely not be that lady. You will be so over prepared!