Monday, September 6, 2010


Tomorrow Becky turns 21. I can't believe it - I feel old. I remember praying SO earnestly for a sister (for years and years) and finally she came along. Red, curly hair, and blue eyes, just like I had asked God.

I'm sure my parents thought I was nuts...praying nightly for a red, curly-haired sister with blue eyes, but the little girl I loved who I helped watch during church service in the nursery had those features and I was convinced those were the BEST features any baby girl could have! Genetics be darned, prayers can influence that stuff, right?

Well, evidently they do because, lo and behold, that's what I got!

During her early teen years she hated me for it, as she straightened her hair into a helmet of frizz. Obviously now she knows better;)

Do you know my parents let me name her? Really. Talk about a lot of power to give a 6-almost-7 girl. She very well could have been named Stacyelle. WHICH was my favorite name ever. I loved putting -elle on the end of all names, making what was surely to be the next big name of the decade.

It didn't catch. DEVASTATING, I know.

Well, now it's 21 years later and she's starting to hit all those really big milestones of early adulthood. And it's SO fun. We're more best friends than we are sisters and that's definitely the best part of it all. So as any good friend would naturally do, we helped her move into her first place this last month...and we documented for you all, aren't you lucky?

The new homestead - it was getting prepped for painting, so this is the best shot I have right now, but I'm sure it looks much better now.

The gang, drill included.

Creativity is key...get it? This was outside Becky's new house when we arrived, inspiration left behind from a former tenant maybe?

Becky's requisite "first place" photo

The cutest vintage dresser Becky scored at a local Goodwill in Kingwood, isn't the little bow detail at the bottom adorable?

Vintage finds mixed with my old, old, old jewelry armoire that Becky made her own with a coat of pink paint.

Seriously, I was so proud of that piece back in the day. It came with a matching vanity set and it was my most prized possession. So, it's fun to see it have made it this far. Which also makes me think - where the heck is my big sister? I need some furniture and cool hand-me-downs stat.

Proof I was there too; well a sweaty version of myself was...

And now, if you'll excuse me...I'm off to Austin to share a toast with Becky for her 21st. And possibly to look for someone who wants to adopt me as their little sister? Austin's weird enough, it could happen;)


Kelley said...

Aww what a sweet post! Her place looks AMAZING - i'm loving that little vignette with the jewelry armoire and mirror, etc. What a great place!! You guys are so sweet to help out - i'm sure she appreciates it too!

Taylor K said...

Stacyelle. Bwaahahahaha. Love it.

Have fun in Austin. :) Buy a bottle of veuve for her!

I think you could def find a big sister in Austin.

If you have a chance, go see my friend's vintage store! Magnolia Family Vintage. I went to high school with the owner. She is rad. You will be SO jealous of her curly hair. I certainly am.

Megan said...

Yaay! I'm so excited for her and totally amazed that she's moving into her first place AND turning 21... I also feel old.. Oh and I totally remember that vanity... :)

Sarah said...

Hey you! I haven't had a chance to email you in so long... and since I'm killing time pretending to do work tonight, I thought I'd catch up with your life on your sweet blog. It looks like everything is going so great. Tell Ty and the family I said hi and I'll email you soon!

Sarah said...

p.s. Like Megan, I totally remember that vanity, too.