Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just the essentials...

Just got back from a packed weekend in AZ. Had to make a quick trip to the store... here's a snap shot (excuse the horrid quality from my phone!) of the purchases that were made:

Yup, that looks about right!

p.s. I AM WEARING A SWEATER! Never mind that it's a thin one, but it's still sweater-status over here in the morning/evening now...Heavenly. Fall you are the BEST!


Kelley said...

So exciting! I LOVE the white-white-white ones! Can't wait to see your displays :)

And good call on the root beer. I think root beer is very fall-y, n'est-ce pas?

Julie said...

Definitely looks like essentials to me! And I am SUPER jealous about your sweater-wearing... SUPER. Wish the cool mornings/evenings would hurry it up arriving here in AZ so we could think about fall, too!