Friday, October 16, 2009

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...(NSFW)

Raleigh had to say goodbye to these:

Sad, I know. Ty took him in on the way into work on Thursday and when he came home last night, he looked like this:

Funny, I know. We took many more drugged-pug pictures, but thought it might be overkill to post them all here. What is that you say? Oh, you think I already went overboard by posting a picture of his balls pre-chop? Pish! It's for archival purposes.

It's not like I'm some weirdo saving her kid's umbilical cords. (Sorry to any of you readers who think this is a good idea.) Have we not all seen that SATC episode where Miranda's cat eats the baby's umbilical cord? SICK, yo! SICK!

Anyhow, back to the blog...Raleigh's starting to recover from the shock and looks a bit more with it, but just a little:) He's none too pleased about the cone.

But sad story, he has to wear it for another 14 days! He will get it off just in time for his 4th birthday:) We'll have to celebrate with a cake and everything, it will be a momentous occasion. Look for it on the blog in two weeks!

What? Overboard again you say?



Taylor K said...

Oh, W.

Brionna said...

Poor Raleigh... I would love to do the same to Tinsley, but I don't think my husband will have it! This cracked me up:)

Julie said...

I must admit I was in the "overboard" camp. Ummm, maybe still am! :o) Hope Raleigh is nicer to you than Dempsey was... always running that cone into me! ;o)

JuliAnna said...

Julie - Raleigh is a BEAST with that cone. He has turned it into a weapon of mass destruction. It's out of control:)

Joye said...

So Funny! What a great way to start my morning!!! :)