Monday, October 26, 2009


I tried to think of a more engaging title for this post, one that might encapsulate the excitement I have as I write this, but better to keep it simple when words cannot do it justice, right?

So, I'll keep it simple and get to the good news: WE BOUGHT OUR HOME!!!

The long story short is that in an unexpected (and quick!) turn of events we fell in love.


I walked into the house and just felt IT. I felt the walls as we walked through and thought -

This is where my family will gather...this is where I will cook dinners - some good, some bad, and maybe even a few that are great...this is where memories of bright and joyful holidays will be shared...this is the place where our closest friends will sit with us for hours over a good glass of wine by the fireplace...

It was like for every minute we walked through the house I saw memories to come play out like a scene from a movie.

And it was beautiful.

That was last Sunday, by Friday we had a signed and agreed-to offer, and yesterday the house inspection went perfectly!!! If all goes accordingly, we will close on the house on November 19th. Talk about a killer birthday present for Ty and me:)

Now enough of the's some pictures!

Here's our street:

One view of the front:



Front door, entryway:


View of family room, with bay window:

The kitchen has this fabulous exposed brick, which I love:

This is the view from my kitchen window:

The backyard of the home is what sold us, it is HUGE and really made for entertaining with a gorgeous pool, extensive patio, and yard - this is one view:

This is the left side of the yard:

I was trying to capture the whole yard, I'm in the far left corner while snapping this picture:

Close-up of the spa:

Yard from the right side:

I should have taken more pictures but we spent a lot of time talking to the inspector yesterday - SO next time we're there, I will take LOTS of pics to share! I will be updating the blog as we go along!!

Cannot wait for you all to come out and visit!


Taylor K said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your new home is divine. Can't wait to visit!

Joye said...

OH MY GOSH, JuliAnna...your home is BEAUTIFUL! Your neighborhood looks so homey...LOVE it and am so happy for both of you! :)

Julie Kiefer said...

JuliAnna! It is absolutely drop-deam amazingly gorgeous! I am so happy for you and Ty (and a little envious too) Can't wait to visit and have a glass of wine by the fire with you :)

Beth and Matt said...

Yeah for the new house!!! Matt and I can't wait to come visit for family gatherings around the pool sipping ice cold sweet tea :-)

Brionna said...

It is a dream home!!!! I want to move in too :) I cannot wait to visit you and Ty. Congrats!!!!

Julie said...

WOW - it's fab!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it! :o) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Oh, and the closing day is on my birthday - haha!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am in love with your house and I am so happy for you!! I can't wait to come and visit. :)

Kendall Lawless said...

HOLY CRAP, JuliAnna! That is such a beautiful house! Congratulations to you guys! Can't wait to talk to you and hear more about it!!!!

Kelley said...

OMG did I not comment on this?! I was just revisiting the pics and I realized I didn't!! It's of course - amazing - but I still want to see more! It is fanTASTIC and I'm dying to see it in person. LOVE AND MISS YOU!