Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Orleans

I don't know what I expected when I went to New Orleans. I think I expected one part debauchery, one part grit, and another part pure frivolity. But it's so much more. The city is layered and rich and it beckons you in from the minute you arrive. It doesn't take you long to know you've discovered something much better - with it's people, music, food, colors, and history, it's just like the jazz music so synonymous with the region. All at once dark, brooding, beautiful, and joyous.

Ty and I spent this last weekend drinking in all the city had to offer, and while the pictures that follow can hardly capture the essence of all there is to behold - don't worry, we're already planning our next trip back:)

Down a random alley, you find treasures like this:

Breakfast was here with beignets and coffee, yum!

St. Louis Cathedral, built on the foundation of one of the oldest churches in the city from the 1700's.

Our lunches were pretty much summed up by this sign:

I took so many pictures of this cathedral, so I will spare you and only include one more:

Lafitte is one of the old family names in the city:

Lafitte Blacksmith Shop - now a bar, but the original building still stands:

Beautiful statue in the middle of a square:

Like the cathedral, I kept coming back to this little square, it was beautiful:

And last but not least, proof we were there;) At the end of day one:

At the end of day two, a "bit" more refined;)


Taylor K said...

Yum. I love that city. I was lucky enough to spend Mardi Gras there the year before the hurricane. It was magical.

Julie said...

Never been there - looks great!

Hmmmm... not really sure that background proves you were there. :o) hehe...