Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Montery, Pacific Grove, and Carmel...Part III

After our first day around Monterey, Ty and I decided to DRIVE and not WALK to check out more of Pacific Grove and Carmel. This was a wise move on our part and our feet were grateful!

Ty in Pacific Grove - I love love all the Cypress trees that grow in this area, so pretty!

On our way to Carmel, along one of the many beach/scenic stops we made...

We had to learn how to re-master the self-taken portraits with our new camera, it took a little work and this wasn't the best, but they got better as the day went on:)

More of the view - look how gorgeous and blue the water is!

Along the drive are all these pro golf courses - this is where Pebble Peach is and I would learn to be better at golf if I could play here:)

This is the "Lone Cypress" that grew on this rock out in the ocean and is over 250 years old.

This is the home that overlooks that view above...can you imagine? This house was just RIDICULOUS, seriously one of the biggest homes I've ever seen.

Carmel Beach - you can see how the golf course literally goes right up to the ocean, love it!

More of the golf course and the pretty homes...

Ty and I soaking up the sun on the beach, which was probably one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to...perfection!


One final pic before we started back on our scenic drive.

After leaving the beach we drove up into the hills, and this is what we saw:

More of the same...I was in love with the view here!

Alright - this ends Carmel! After our little excursion we headed back to Monterey where we spent the last day of our trip. I have a few final pics from the rest of our trip that I'll try and post later, but they aren't nearly as beautiful as this last bunch...but they're pretty comical! Stay tuned...

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Julie said...

Beautiful! I can't believe how sunny it was the whole drive & at PB! Every time we go, we get some clouds at some point. And yes, those houses are absolutely a-MAZ-ing!! How fun would it be to walk through one of them and pretend??! Anyway, thanks for taking me to Carmel for a few minutes! ;o)