Monday, September 29, 2008

Montery, Pacific Grove, and Carmel...Part II

After getting settled into the hotel, sharing a nice glass of wine (or two)...We headed out to check out our new surroundings. Keeping in tradition with all our past vacations, Ty and I decided that we needed to check out everything there was to see within a 5 mile radius of our hotel...on foot. We do this every time and NEVER seem to learn our lesson. It's like we're over-excited children who get let loose in a candy-store and eat so much candy they get sick, except we make our feet sick! Anyhow - there was a LOT to check out, so we didn't mind our feet till the next morning:)

Our first trip was over to the wharf...

We sat down for a quick second in a little restaurant right on the wharf with great views for some photo-ops:

This guy literally came RIGHT up to where we were sitting, if there hadn't been glass between us, I could have caught him!

More boats, more ocean, more prettiness...

Ty and I got a little blown away trying to get our picture taken together on the wharf, but it still works...look at how blue that sky is!

We kept hearing all these sea lions but couldn't find them...till we circled round to the other end of the wharf and saw them all clumped together!

The sea lions and their synchronized swimming routine, it was so funny!

Look at this guy!

Cannery Row...which was made famous by Steinbeck's classic "Cannery Row," he was very clever that Steinbeck. Anyhow - so we went, it was nice... but very much like Old Town Scottsdale. Take Old Town and replace everything with the word Southwest, to have Cannery Row!

After Cannery Row we reached Pacific Grove, yes that's right...we walked from Monterey to Pacific Grove...we crossed a small I said we like to walk our feet off the first day we get anywhere! So, after reaching PG, we decided to turn back and begin the long trek home. On our way we came across this building below, which is the VERY FIRST brick home built in Monterey, so it equaled a photo opportunity...Is anyone home??

Ty and I realized we've been really deprived of vegetation and flowers after we looked through our pictures on our way home, as this is just one of MANY with flowers..hahaha! In our defense we have a new camera that takes awesome pictures! I think we started to think we were shooting works of art with our little camera, behold the following pictures:

See, definitely a "framer" - right?

Flowers by Jelinek II:

Oh, we got creative here...JuliAnna with Flowers:

Back to single shots of the flowers!

Phew, we've almost made it home! This is the arch to the side entrance of our suite.

Still feeling photographically talented, I kept taking pictures of our hotel...I played with the tinting once I uploaded these next two and I think they look pretty!

Front of our hotel right before we called it a night, our feet were thankful!

Okay...end of DAY ONE! Like I said, we took lots of pictures:) Next up...Carmel!


Kelley said...

ROFL "made it home" If you guys lived there, we would be your eternal houseguests!! what a fun trip!!!! how about that crazy bird?!

JuliAnna said...

HAHA - I wish it was our home!!! And that bird was SO kind of just stared at me like that for a while.

Julie said...

Ahhh, I love the wharf! We always eat at some restaurant on it for lunch (for clam chowder) every time we go... and every time we go to that one, it's too thick and we're sick afterwards. Note to self: do not go there next time! It was not looking out on the boats, though, it was on the other side... so you guys are (hopefully!) safe. :o) LOVE CARMEL - can't wait to see the pics! Too bad I didn't know you were going there, I would have told you to eat at my fave restaurant in the contiguous 48 states - Casanova. :o)

Julie said...

PS - Do you notice how all my vacation stops revolve around meals? ;o) I gotta see me some of those flowers next time - they're great pics!! And what new camera did you get? Fun - love it!

Becky said...

Well, you are looks beautiful!! And the bird is hysterical!...BUT, my favorite part of the blog is the super spiffy photography and photo shop craziness!!haha..The picture of you and Ty with the corners blacked out..the flowers, you by flowers, and then flowers!haha I can't wait to see you guys!!

JuliAnna said...

Becky - what??? Are you denying my natural inner photographic talents? least I admitted that we got a little carried away! I can't wait to see you either...eight days to go!

JuliAnna said...

Julie - Thankfully I hate clam chowder so all sickness was averted! But I'm so bummed we didn't try your restaurant...we really had no clue of where to go so it was hit and miss:) Oh and the pics from Carmel are still coming:) AND lastly, our new camera is still just a point and shoot, but it's a Sony Cybershot H10. I am dying for a big crazy camera like yours, but Ty said that's not reasonable till we have kids...hmmm...that made me stop asking for least for a little while!

Kelley said...

LOL we're in camera negotiations too :) i want like one of every size - small medium and large :)

post more pics!

Julie said...

Oh no, I say get the big crazy camera now so you know how to use it when you have the kids. ;oD Believe me, it's hard learning to use it when they're running around!! Plus, that's also when you're going to have to learn the videocamera, so you don't want to overload yourself!!! ;o)

JuliAnna said...

ooohhh...good call! I'll need to let Ty know that observation and add it the long list of things I feel I want/need right now:)