Monday, September 29, 2008

Montery, Pacific Grove, and Carmel...Part I

Since Ty flew out to CA for the Gala, we figured that we'd plan a mini-vacation to take advantage of once the event was over...Knowing I'd need a break, Ty planned the entire vacation as a surprise to me, so even though I knew we were going on a vacation I had no idea where, till about an hour into our drive. He wound up taking me to Monterey, CA and the neighboring cities of Pacific Grove and Carmel. HANDS DOWN this is one of the prettiest places I've ever been! Scenic and so much to do all at the same time! Settle in for some major blog posts, cause there was some major picture taking going on:)

Ty starting out on the road: favorite road-trip companion (beside Ty of course!) the large Diet Coke, courtesy of McDonald's:

I'm excited to hit the road, and suffering from crazy misplaced hair syndrome (a very real sickness) all at the same time:

On the road, I thought this was SO pretty:

Here's where I got clued in to where we were going:

Our GORGEOUS hotel, right in the heart of Historic Downtown Monterey:

Our private little patio right outside of our room - complete with chairs and wine:

Cheers! We finally made it:


Kelley said...

DUDE i LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!! i meant to write that in the last comment too! HOW PRETTY!

Kelley said...

why didn't you comment back on my comment? :)

JuliAnna said...

HAHA - I was going to!! You beat me to it...the post above had so many other comments I hadn't made it down here to comment in return:) Thanks for the compliment...I'm feeling like it's a good cut and color now, took some growing of the hair to really like the cut from Michael. But I am in agreement that he's pretty wonderful!

Julie said...

Ahhh, love Michael... and the results I get when he blows my hair dry! Yes, cute hair, by the way! :o)