Monday, August 6, 2012

The Half Yearly

I look forward to the half yearly sale at Nordstrom - the "half yearly" of my baby boy's life...not as much. Don't get me wrong - I'm so very blessed and really there is not a single day that goes by where I don't look at him and think - "Wow, he's mine." So, I'm happy we're here and we're healthy. But today was a bit emotional for me (I know, I know - what am I going to do at the year mark?!?!) because of just how amazing these last six months have been and that I really can't believe we've reached the half yearly mark.
Today I really wanted to stop time. Just a little.

But time marches on - or in Tobin's case...crawls on! Can you believe it? He officially started really crawling the day before his six month birthday -! I'm sure I won't be saying that once he picks up speed and the newness wears off, but right now, Ty and I are in just as much amazement of it all as he is:)

So where are we at six months?
  • Tobin is 22 pounds and 28 inches. Yup. We get lots of stares and questions about his size as of late...yesterday leaving Target a lady asked me turn around so she "could see the face of my baby, because she had been staring at his amazing thighs for too long." I happily obliged:) He can sit by himself from the crawling position (another fancy new trick!), and he loves to dance. His favorite happens to be what we call the "granite dance" - which is just when you turn on Chris Brown (I really need to start downloading the edited versions of my favorite dance music, huh?) and you let his feet hit the granite counter tops...he's got some moves. I'll have to video it soon!
  • Good eater. I was relaying this to our pediatrician at today's appointment and he kind of laughed and was like, "Well with his height and weight, I kind of assumed he loves to eat..." Since introducing rice/fruits, the only thing that's been a no-go has been peaches. Everything else is welcome!
  • He's just a lot of fun. I know everyone's got to feel that way about their kid, but really - Tobin is just a joy to be around. We call him Joy Boy (we've got major rhyming skillz over herrre - represent!). He's always quick to give you a smile and a laugh. The best are the ones right after he wakes up - there's something about that sleepy face and big gummy smile that's impossible to resist.
  • He has pretty much moved on from snuggling, there's too much to see. And since I miss that so much, we still get up once in the middle of the night for a feeding and while I know I could train him out of it, I don't want to. How bad is that? I love those 15 minutes of alone time I get with him where he's all cuddly and just wants me. I'm pathetic. I know it as I type it. But oh, he is just so sweet!
  • Speaking of sleep, he is a super scheduled kind of guy. Regular naps and at night he goes down by 7:30 and sleeps till roughly 8:00. 

As always, I could go on...but really the bottom line is that we are just so blessed. And while Tobin has been doing the bulk of the growing over these last six months, when I think back on where we started - it seems Ty and I have been growing right along side of him and I'm so thankful - for all of it...the wonder of having a child, learning that there's so much out of our control, and that most importantly as Tobin's name reminds us every day - God is good!


Kelley said...

Ahhh! Six months is SO fun. It's like you think it's been fun till now, but you are like on the brink of BIG FUN. The pictures are SOOO cute!! Love big boys. :) So awesome that he's crawling - and dancing. What more could you ask for?! :)

Brionna said...

Though the "Half Yearly Sale" is something to get excited over, I think this milestone is much more exciting! He is an amazing little boy. Tobin is hitting all his marks and I love that he has some moves- I can't wait to see it!

Kendall Lawless said...

I agree with Kelley--6 months was the beginning of the most fun stage for us. They just do new and more adorable things every day, it seems like, and Tobin totally takes the cake. He just has so much personality! Love him and you so much!