Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Months

I feel like the tag "watch me grow" couldn't be more appropriate for these monthly check-ins on our Tobin, because (as I'm sure I'll feel many times in the future) he literally grew in front of my eyes from one hour to the next. It is so crazy to me to see someone day in and day out and still be able to recognize how much change they're undergoing!

After the blur of the first month, the second month started to feel more like a rhythm...a beautiful dance of eat, eat, play, poop, eat, play, poop. Notice the lack of sleep? Actually I can't really complain, because he's a great sleeper at night. Underscore AT NIGHT. During the day...uh, notsomuch. All those books and websites that say how much an infant at this stage should be sleeping...I guess Tobin missed that memo!?

Overall, this month can be marked by the emergence of Tobin's personality and from what we've seen so far - this guy is just loads of fun! He's so social - and as part of that, he continues to be very expressive and oh my goodness - is the kid vocal...I wouldn't go so far to declare he's going to be verbal because right now his favorite sound to make resembles the cry of a Velociraptor...so we'll see if he can corral that noise into something more verbal down the road. Here's a snapshot of Tobin at two months:

  • Per our two month doctor appointment yesterday - Tobin weighs in at 16 pounds exactly and is 24.5 inches long. 
  • He loves, loves, loves his hands! And is constantly trying to get his fist to his mouth to munch on it...and if he can't find his fist, his swaddle will do...as will my arm. He'll just lean over and start munching/drooling on it. Fun!
  • He loves tummy time and holding his head up - he raises his eyebrows while he's at it (like it helps him?) and it often makes him look like a very surprised and old man...cracks me up every time!
  • His favorite thing is the bath...we can't wait for summer over here! I see many pool days in our future.
  • He's top-notch at cuddling and if he had his way, he'd always sleep cuddled next to someone. I can't say I hate this one, but I know I've got to watch it...or else we may have a two year old who doesn't want to sleep in their own bed. But while he's just two months, I'm loving it!
I could go on, but that would get boring, right? So here's some more fun pictures because he wasn't really feeling it our first time around due to those crummy vaccinations at his appointment. But when we tried again later in the day, I realized just how much harder they are already getting to take! If he's not staring at his feet, he's trying to move, and if I hold him back from moving...well, that's just so upsetting! So, we did our best and got some hysterical outtakes...

not impressed with my shenanigans...

now he thought I was funny, but laughter creates blurry pics

laughing or crying...you decide

hahaha, love this face

classic Tobin

my boy


Joye said...

OH MY GOSH! He's absolutely cute! And all of his expressions........so much fun! Keep enjoying....it all goes SO fast!!! :)

Julie Kiefer said...

yes, definitely keep enjoying! wonderful post. He's such a cute little guy :)

Brionna said...

Oh so adorable! He is growing quickly. His expressions are priceless! That face is just too cute. Love it!

Kendall Lawless said...

I can't believe how big he is already! He is so freaking cute! I just need to meet him in person before he's 25....can we make that happen?? Love you.