Monday, April 23, 2012

This one's for Ty...

Ty is out of town this week...all! And I'm on my last week of working from home (another boo!) but during my lunch break I stumbled across this and couldn't help but smile at the similarities.

There's something that happens when you have a baby - you look at them and you think - THEY ARE THE CUTEST BABY EVER! And naturally you just want that baby to look like you...maybe to make you feel better about yourself. Or in the mom's case - you did just carry the baby to delivery and you want a little piece of you reflected in that face. SO when everyone else says they look just like your husband, a little part (okay, maybe a big part) of you gets jealous.

But even I couldn't deny it when I saw these pictures...

Tobin - Two Months

Ty - Three Months
And two posts in ONE day - who am I?

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Brionna said...

They do look pretty similar! I still think the nose is different and the face shape is a little rounder than Ty's. But there is no denying who's his daddy! So cute!