Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Month

Yeah, I know...I know...technically his official four week anniversary was yesterday, but I'm going with date birthdays for consistencies sake:) That and it gave me another day to take his pictures, because yesterday we kicked it into overdrive (again) with the eating and the 2-2.5 hour feeding schedule leaves me with little time to snap pictures. But today even with our little guy's love of eating, we managed!

So, a whole month! Can you believe it? I can't. But then there are times where I feel like I've known him forever and it feels so much longer...such a weird thing this new life and adjusting to a newborn. They really are something else, aren't they?

A few quick notes about Tobin at one month:
  • Ummm, he's nearly 14 pounds. Fatty-boom-blatty.
  • He hates (and I mean really hates) burping. And anything associated with the burping process. This includes spitting up. Ty and I discovered that he was actually holding spit-up in his cheeks only to choke on it when we laid him down - stinker! 
  • He loves to be talked to, and is already doing his very best to try and coo/grunt back in response...he's such an attentive listener. 
  • He's still a master of facial expressions, Zoolander ain't got nuthin' on Tobin's rendition of blue steel:) 
But enough with all the words, right? Pictures are SO much more fun...so I'll leave you with a couple extras from our one-month photo shoot today;)

We'll be back again soon...


Julie said...

What a little cutie! Happy to see him! :o)

Sarah said...

oh my gosh!!! He's a DOLL!! so glad he's a good little eater!! 14 lbs? WOW!!!

Julie Kiefer said...

He is such a beauty! Happy to see your growing boy! :)

Brionna said...

That month has flown by!!! Tobin is such a cutie! I have the biggest erge to squeeze him ;). I am so happy for you guys and love how you have settled in so effortlessly.

Kendall Lawless said...

Holy crap! He is SOOOOO big!! I just showed John the post and we agreed that he's totally a TV baby! You should send him to an audition...no, not really. That would be sad. He is so expressive and alert and just plain CUTE! Thanks for the update--I'm dying to talk to you and hear more!! Loves to you all.