Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer's Start...

Okay, so the people have spoken! And by people I mean five readers - one of which sent me a Facebook message about the posts she wanted to read and chooses to stay anonymous;) In any event, 1,3, and 2 it is. (Sorry, Megan!)

A general warning: This is a very picture heavy post. I considered possibly just doing a slideshow, but then I couldn't remember how to make a slideshow right away so I skipped it altogether. Sorry, my brain these days!

Alright, let's do I know we still haven't gotten to the official "first day of summer." But I always feel like May is really when summer starts, and having spent the last decade in either Arizona or Texas, the temperatures in May tend to agree that yes, it is summer;) May brought lots of great things, mainly ANOTHER graduation. This one for a certain Daniel Dean:

 He came, he saw, he conquered that graduation ceremony:
One of the many ubiquitous family pictures. It was bright and I was a jerk and left my sunglasses on. I didn't even think about it. Ugh, hate it when I do that! But mom did it too, so I guess I'm not the only one!
The proud parents and their last son to graduate from high school. SO crazy to think only Emily is left now!
 Oh, and to celebrate, I made this Savignon Blanc pound cake. REALLY incredible. It's a recipe from Southern Living, google and make today. Seriously. It's just the best summer dessert.
Summer has brought with it our little fish, Margot. It's been hysterical to see just how much she loves the water considering that our princess, Raleigh, hates it. He acts like we're dipping his paws in hot tar when we set him in the water...but this one? It's her favorite. Really, she is obsessed. She uses these little floaties like lily pads to go all over the pool. I really need to record it because it's pretty hysterical.

Summer also means the joyous return of my potato vines...these died off COMPLETELY this winter with all the hard freezes we had, so we had to do a little replanting action. The minute it warms up here, these just take off! Love em!
But this year, potato vines were not enough. We added planters outside all the back windows and a few others in pots around the patio. And I love them ohsoverymuch! I can't believe what they did for our backyard, I feel like we're finally figuring out how our yard in the back is supposed to be set-up and this was a major step in the right direction...
Another view - you can see more of all we've got going on now...the candy cane double impatiens continue where I'm standing so it's repeated just like you see on the end.
Other than that, May was full of lots of this: soaking up the sun and relaxing!
I'm sure June will be just as fun...stay tuned for the big Anniversary/Round Top recap. I will try to get to that this week...which would be earth shattering. Two posts in one week, who do I think I am??

Have a great Monday!


Kelley said...

OHmygoodness! So much going on. :) Yes, I am going to make that cake pronto! And the whole fam looks so great at the graduation...congrats!! But Margot is the cutest.thing.ever. Please post video of her swimming; can't get enough. Darling!

Julie said...

Congrats to your brother, first & foremost! That cake looks fab... wish Kelley didn't read this blog - ha, I could make it and stun everyone. I'll just go over to her house & eat hers instead. :o)

Dying at Margot using the floats as lilypads. Our dogs do not like the water, either, which I suppose is good because I don't need them getting in the way of my learning-to-swim and can-finally-swim-by-herself kids. :o) Would LOVE a vid!

LOVING your window planters!!! And all the flowers, for that matter. Looks like a very relaxing patio!

Woohoo for a summer post! Thanks!!

Leigh said...

Wonderful post!

But ya know, one of these days I'm just going to show up on your doorstep and demand you teach me everything you know about cooking and gardening.

And for the record, I'm so envious of Margot - wish I could join her! hehe

Can't wait to read more, my dear!

Megan said...

Your backyard is absolutely beautiful! As one who knows NOTHING about yard care/growing things/beautification of the outside world, I am way impressed! Come do my yard, please??