Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Silver Bullet

Margot is like this ALL.THE.TIME. Really. From sun up, to sun down - the girl is nuts. And SO stubborn. She is most definitely our alpha-dog. It's a big joke in our family now, because when Ty brought her home he said he picked her because she was "so calm." The breeders had obviously given the girl some puppy downers, because within two days of her being home, she was in full force.

We now call her the Silver Bullet and Raleigh has earned the nickname of the Golden Ghost...MAJOR points go to anyone who knows where we got that one from;)

P.S. This is really a dumb video but makes me laugh every time I watch it, oh and also please ignore my troll feet. Also that's me at the very end responding to Ty as to why I was laughing upstairs by myself:)


Taylor K said...

That video has me laughing SO hard. She sounds just like Lily. Can't wait to meet her!

Brionna said...

So funny! She is full of energy for sure!!! I love her growl :)