Saturday, February 5, 2011

Show and Tell

I've been giving this lil ol'blog here of mine some serious thought over the last few weeks...which I know sounds silly given how light my postings are - I have yet to break 100 posts in the course of three years.

True story. I just did the math.

Much of what I post is a show and tell of sorts - only showing the "fun" and "new." But life isn't always fun and often it's the same old routine, with nothing new to report, which leaves me empty-handed. And it's hard to evaluate what kind of blog you want to have - what's the "face" you want to show to the world. (And I know my "world" is limited to maybe three readers, my mom included, but that doesn't mean this still isn't public and available for more to see should ever that be the case...)

I have so much respect for the bloggers out there who write EVERYTHING, and it's honest, and even sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable, like you know way more about them than you should... See here, here, and here. Now please don't interpret this shift in direction as my thinking I'm going to reach the heights of the bloggers above which I referenced, nor is it even an attempt to come close. More or less, it's that I really love writing and this self-indulgent blogging platform - well it really fits the bill.

So, there's going to be a lot of posting in the future...and many of those days may have posts that are uncomfortable and personal, but I think writing will help me through them. And, right now I'm thinking of turning off comments per the nature of the post, because I'm not looking for affirmation, I'm really just talking out-loud. But I think that God is really taking me through something and I do believe that when all is said and over with, I'm going to want to remember the finer details and see how it shaped me and made me better a wife, friend, mother*, how it made me and Ty a stronger couple, how it changed my perspective, and how it moved my faith.

So get ready for a lot less show and a lot more tell.

*speaking for the future here.


Taylor K said...

good for you! congratulations on the start of your new blog journey. :) xo

Brionna said...

I think you are right on! I share some of your feelings about blogging. I am excited to see future posts :)

Julie said...