Monday, January 24, 2011

The Blue Ribbon

Last weekend we all trekked over to the local civic stadium for the “Rodeo Art Show” that featured the best-of for the entire school district in which my younger sister, Emily, attends. On our way in, Emily was sure to inform us that “hers might not have even been picked” and that “she probably didn’t win, because there were some people that were really good” and that “this wasn’t really a big deal or anything.”

Well, what do you know – after searching high and low and navigating through the maze of other grades, we made it to the freshman circle – and our Emily took first. The blue ribbon! She really is one talented artist, which makes me incredibly proud and jealous!

PS – the whole point of “Rodeo Art” is to coincide with the big ol’ Rodeo that comes through Houston and the students are directed to take a picture that inspires them about the rodeo and anything related…think lots of horses, Texas landscape, etc… Well Emily thought a bit outside the box and managed to nab a picture of a piglet who was just wiped out after playing with his soccer ball. Too cute! The picture is titled “Tuckered Out.”

Now for the good stuff – the pictures:

Way to go, Emily! So proud of you - can't wait to put you to work for custom art for our kitchen.


Kelley said...

oh yay!! Congrats to Emily! She is so talented!

Taylor K said...

Good job Emily! I love piglets. :)

Brionna said...

So good! What talent your whole family has! Congrats to Emily!!!