Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday we spread out a blanket in the yard and I gathered all the magazines I've been wanting to spend time know, not just peruse, but really read all the content, dog-ear for inspirational purposes, and maybe start planning my holiday tablescape. Yes, I treat my issues of House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and Veranda like textbooks.

And though we have patio furniture it just seemed so appropriate to spread out a blanket and lay in the grass. So we did.

And we watched leaves fall with the light whispers of wind that moved through the trees. While fall is here technically, FALL is imminently approaching, and signals were everywhere of its pending arrival. Soon the leaves will no longer be overhead, but on the ground. Quieter moments such as this will be hustled and bustled as the Holiday season nears. And while I love the Holidays most of all, there is a quiet reverence found in moments so unexpected like yesterday afternoon. When the house has been cleaned from top to bottom, when the list of "to-do's" for the weekend have been completed and set aside, and when all that's left is simply to sit.

So sit we did. We sat and we sipped rosé, all under a rosé sky.

(Image from my blanket's view, courtesy of God)

And it was wonderful.


Kelley said...

Oh, so beautiful! Yay for fall!

Sarah said...

ooohhh.... does that sound good!!