Friday, December 4, 2009


Yes, that's right, SNOWING!!!!! I literally just turned on the "yule log DVD with Celine Dion Christmas" and walked back into the kitchen and it was SNOWING.

Then I did the following:

1. Started crying. Yup. Involuntarily cried like a baby because it was snowing.

2.Texted Kelley like some freak (I realize now it was FAR too early to do that...sorry, Kel!) and then called my Dad. SOMEONE had to share in my excitement, right???

3. Decided I needed to tell all my friends about it - So here I am!

Oh and I am still possibly wiping tears away like a fool. Can I just tell you how much I love Christmas??? and Winter??? and the fact that I'm in a place that has Winter??? It's like I'm the Grinch right now when his heart grows all big and fat - and I love it and I just had to share:)

Alright, that's the news here this morning, I'm going to go make a wreath!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

p.s. Yes, I actually have a DVD that plays so as to make your tv screen appear like a "yule log" is roasting in a fireplace while playing the entire collection of Celine Dion's "This Christmas." It is BRILLIANT. Don't hate - My mom bought it for me;)

p.p.s. Maybe between points 1 and 2 above I skipped around the entire bottom floor of my house, just maybe...


Taylor K said...

I saw that it was supposed to snow in TX today and thought of you! Enjoy enjoy enjoy. I am headed North next weekend and SO hope that I get some white stuff to play with my kiddos in. :)

Megan said...

I woke up to a light dusting of snow in our alley this morning and was pretty excited! (Not prepared, but excited) So, I'm glad that you are finally in a climate with seasons once again!!!!

Julie Kiefer said...

I am so excited for you! When I turned on the Christmas music last weekend, I thought of you! xoxo

Julie said...

You are so freaking hysterical. I was wondering if that snow storm was going to catch you guys!

Excited for you and your winter!!!

Kelley said...

YAY for you and WINTER! I miss winter. Winter and I are like Twitter friends - we hear a lot about each other but have never actually met.

You are so cute - I love the DVD (where do I get one) and no, it wasn't too early :)

Have some cocoa for us!

Megan said...

We finally have snow here too! While I did not cry (haha) I was pretty excited...