Friday, January 30, 2009

Susan Elnora Meets the Big 4-7!

January 31st marks a most special and wonderful day - my mom's birthday!!!!

Isn't she beautiful? I love this smile!!! And I love her a kid she told me if I ate all the crusts off my sandwiches that I would get the same didn't work and I was sorely dissapointed:(

She's my hero for so many reasons, far too many to list here!

She's my source of comfort in good times and bad.

She's kind of crazy and the life of the party, but I love her for it!

See? Totally nuts:) But in the most fabulous way!

She's so cute - I LOVE this picture. Like it's the best ever:) Oh, and yes, that is my Grandpa... and yes he's rocking the short sleeve shirt and tie. What is that readers? Is it a laugh? It's okay, I laughed too. But he's fabulous, he can rock it.

Mom - You grow more beautiful and amazing with every year that passes. I am so blessed to have you as my mother, and more importantly, my best friend. Hope this is the best year yet!!! I love you:)

PS - I hope I look as hot as you twenty years from now! You go on with your bad self!

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Brionna said...

So cute!!!! I love your mom too... I wish I could be closer to see her and you more often :( Hey for moms- they are the best!!!!