Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Leftovers....

Ty has full-blown pink-eye.

I thought I did...but nothing like poor Ty:(

Instead, I threw out my back....BAD.


Lifting an oddly shaped microwave that weighs about 60 pounds while trying to talk on the phone.

Darn my obsessive need to double-task!!!!

We're a pathetic couple over here today.


Julie said...

Oh... sorry about all of your ailments!! Yuck - stay away from Ty - pinkeye is no bueno (as Kelley would say). Logan and I both had it when I was prego with Jake. Ick. And get some icy hot or something for your back!!! Most importantly... rest up. Maybe watch [some] Christmas movies? ;o)

Kelley said...

OH NO! That's AWFUL!!! take some ibuprofen - oh, i hope you guys feel better!!!

Megan said...

That's too bad.. I hope you feel better soon. Try laying on a rolled up towel, that seems to relieve some tension..and lots of ice... :(