Friday, February 6, 2015

Tobin Turns Three!

It’s actually the eve of your third birthday as I write this and I’m all sorts of happy as I sit here and reflect on the little guy you’ve become. I know that I’m likely biased, but really everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who has met you agrees – you are quite possibly the sweetest kid ever. 

You genuinely love people and are so eager to make friends with everyone you meet. I really love that about you.

I don’t think there is anyone you’d rather be with than your family – we are your best friends and you really are ours. And you tell us ALL the time how much you love us – and I never tire of hearing those words. Thank you for using them often!

You are a sweet spirit when it comes to all matters of the heart but you are tough as can be when it comes to getting sick and/or hurt. In fact, we’re just recovering from your very first stomach bug and after one round of throwing up – rather than cry or complain, you apologized to me for accidentally throwing up on your new stuffed animal. This is so you.

You never fail to make us laugh. You make up the best stories and your sense of imagination is amazing. Imaginary play is probably your most favorite activity right now, aside from “racing” (running laps with Dad around the house). I cannot begin to recall the number of expeditions we’ve been on together  -by submarine, race car, jet plane, etc...

You are very observant and pay attention to the finest details, be it the way I’m wearing my hair (you do not like it when I pull my hair back in a ponytail!), or if something is out of place, you are quick to point it out and correct.

I love so very much about you and I could go on forever and ever about your charms. I am just so very thankful that you were the one to make me a mom and am SO very proud of you. I can’t wait to see where this next year takes you but if I’m being honest – four! Oh man, four sounds too big. So I will relish in every day of your third year. 

Thank you for being mine sweet Toblerone. You have blessed your Daddy’s and my life in ways we just didn’t even know were possible.

Last but not least - the ubiquitous chair snapshot...I hope I'm still taking your photo in footed pj's when you're in your teens, but I doubt it;) 

We love you! Happy Birthday, Tobin!

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