Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sutton at Six Months

Sutton is now six months and I haven’t written a thing about him – just him – since he made his debut. So, I thought at the very least the child deserves a half-yearly update and then maybe if he’s lucky he’ll get another post at one.

So, where to begin? Oh, buddy. You are FUN. And just about as opposite of your brother in every way (save for size, you are just as big, if not a little bigger! 22.8 lbs and 28 inches). But where Tobin was already crawling at six months, you are not. Though I think you could if you would take your hands out of your mouth and use your arms correctly. But this is all okay, I am very thankful to not have you quite as mobile, because if your personality thus far is any indication of what we’re in for – well, I’m really okay with having a less-mobile version of Sutton for now.

For not being all that mobile, you get around plenty. You do this 360 degree move that makes us all laugh and you get to and from with a combination of this rotation on the ground and rolling. And you can move where you want to at the moment.

You are extremely, extremely loud. I realized the other day that you don’t cry nearly as often as I think you do, you just kind of yell your opinions all the time, be it happy or sad! You often happily yell/babble at us as you sit and clap, which is another favorite activity of yours. You are very proud of yourself when you clap and you are even more excited when we all congratulate you on your newfound skill!

You play very well for your age already, but you have to be given options, which just kind of cracks me up and I think says so much about you. You like your toys to be set next you in a basket and then YOU and only you can take them all out one by one and empty the basket. By the time the basket is empty you either try to eat or drum on the basket and then time is up!

You have the world’s biggest smile. It is a super gummy and wide smile that takes up so much of your face and the only thing cuter than that smile are the dimples you have framing it. I don’t know where the super deep set dimples came from, but oh boy, do I love them! In general, you just have big, animated features and if there’s anything that can compete with your smile/dimples it’s your eyebrows. And your Daddy wonders why I’m so neurotic about keeping my own groomed – hello, brows! You clearly got my crazy arched eyebrows and they are intense when you use them. I love you for it. They are amazing. Side note – when we got family pictures done this last weekend, I would have appreciated at least a little bit of your smile on display, but you were intent on having your best Jack Nicholson impersonation on display instead. I’m sure they will be hysterical to see….

There is no one, and I repeat, NO ONE, whom you love more than your brother. And now that Tobin is really starting to understand just how happy you are when he plays with you and the way you respond to him, he is quite in love with you too. We are really starting to hit our stride as a little family of four and we love you so much!

We are SO thankful for the spunk, energy, and love you bring to our family!


Brionna said...

Yay for Sutton and getting his own post! It is so amazing to see his personality and hear of it as well. I love your little family of four!

Megan said...

I'm so happy for an update.. I could look at pictures and read stories about your family for days!