Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tobin is Two!

Tobin at Two!

So before this guy goes and turns three on me, I figured I better sit down and make myself write down all the words that are in my head about this wonderful boy of ours...but where to begin? I've written so many posts about him in my head that as I type this it almost feels redundant. So, son - if you ever do read this blog one day (ha!, fat chance), please know while my updates have been lacking it really is all your fault - you're just so much fun I can't pull myself away to blog about it - I'd rather just be sitting next to you! BUT for posterity's sake - here goes:

You are a delight. See picture directly below for evidence...

Really though, while we have definitely hit some of the fun behaviors that are often associated with two - overall you have taken it sooo easy on us. You are so thoughtful and you really, really, really love people. On your birthday weekend (which you happen to share birthday week with your Uncle Danny and Granny) Uncle Danny had his friends over. And there you are - this little two year old (albeit big little two year old) and you just latched onto these 21 year old boys like they were your best friends. And after a fun night of making them sit next to you and play drums, or go down the slide, or play with play-doh...we finally had to say goodnight and get you home. We told you to start making the rounds of saying goodbye and instead you just looked out and surveyed the crowd and exclaimed (dramatically but sincerely) "I love you people!"

I share this story because that is just SO you. You are full of love, joy, and confidence - but in the midst of all that good stuff - you're also a very sensitive guy and that just makes you a really special combination.  I am so thankful for that because you're just weeks away from becoming a big brother and I am so confident of your ability to handle that new addition to your life and ours!

Other fun facts about you:

You continue to be on the larger than average size - see picture collage above for proof of that one. You look way older than most other kiddos your age and I think being nearly 38 inches and 38 pounds has a little something to do with it. You also physically have a very strong control of your body and can do things that I don't think most two year olds can do...but you've always been that way when it's come to anything physical. I mean, you got a basketball hoop for your main birthday present and boy do you know how to use it. You amaze me, and all this hand-eye coordination plus athleticism is clearly ALL from your dad!

You are animated and so very expressive! Your language really exploded around the 18 month mark and hasn't slowed one bit since and you talk from the moment you get up till we put you back down. You love to count and have recently taken to identifying sets of things while we're out, "Look - Two dogs!" But more than anything you still love to just be outside and if the weather permits - that's what we do. Outside from sun-up till sun-down and you couldn't be happier. Oh, that and animals. There isn't an animal you don't like or shy away from. Oh, and wait - balls. Balls, balls, and more balls. Soccer, baseball, basketball, those cheap ones from the grocery store that cost like $2.00...And let's be honest here - even your own balls...where does that come from?!?! Let's just hope that fascination dies down from between here and year three.

But really, Tobin. I delight in you all day long! I would have at least 7 more children if they were all like you... There is not a day that goes by where I do not want to sneak back in and lay next to you after you've already fallen asleep for the night. I am SO proud to be your mom. And I really can't wait to see where this next year takes you (and us!)...because to look back on this past year blows my mind in how far we've all come together as a family.

We love you SO much!


Brionna said...

Mr. Tobin has grown up SO much this year. He really has entered the "toddler" phase! He is so adorable and I love to see his personality come out in your pictures! Happy 2nd Birthday Tobin! Can't wait to see what 3 brings! XOXO

Megan said...

I love his pictures! And his face opening the present?!?! Love. :) Happy 2nd birthday!!