Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Really quick...

Life here has been speeding by at warp speed. And if I recount all the major changes that have taken place in just the last six months my mind still can't comprehend it all. Ty lost his job, got a better job (Praise, God!), my workplace imploded and I was asked to be the Executive Director - which led to my working around the clock (literally this last weekend was the first time I've had off in over 20 days). And thanks to my wonderful family and Ty, we've somehow kept life afloat in the house. It's been intense. But it's been a major blessing too - in so many ways. We are really blessed.

But I really miss writing here, so I guess those days will come around again... Right now I just think we need some updated pictures of Tobin on here! Who by the way, is just TOO MUCH FUN. There's new words being learned left and right, he is so sweet, and his personality gets bigger by the day. He continues to grow like a weed and at 18 months is (really was, since we're nearing 19!) 35 inches tall and 35 pounds - he tends to get bigger in height and then match it in weight or vice versa. Most people think he's much older than he is because of his size. But his hands and feet continue to grow and don't quite yet look in proportion to the rest of his body:) Hopefully he catches up to them one day! All this to say - we are really loving this age!

So, back to my mission - some updated pics... a few of my favorites from the start of the summer:

This is classic Tobin - totally thought he was in on the action playing frisbee with the big boys.

First time in the Pacific!

Always stops to point to the moon;)

How he spent most of his time at the SD expressive!

I love this face.


Walking to the Bay with Dad...they have the same walk. Cracks me up.
Hope to be back soon!


Megan said...

Love these pictures, and love that you're writing again. I've missed you!

Brionna said...

I've missed your writing too! Glad to see some new updates. Tobin's expressions are so adorable! Love and miss you guys!