Monday, April 22, 2013

Right now...

Tobin as of yesterday.
So, that one year old post with all those words? I really dropped the ball on that one. But I just don't have it in me to go back and spell it out for this blog here as to what he was doing at that moment in time, because it's in my heart and I'll know it forever. One was fun - but man, I'm learning we are in the thick of things now and it's REALLY fun.
Isn't that a first-time parenting thing? Each phase is somehow magically more fun that the last. Sure I miss baby Tobin moments - I was looking back the other day and came across some of his old pictures and I was in near tears because it just goes so fast. The moments aren't long enough. But you only get mere seconds to miss those times because then reality slaps you in the face and you wouldn't change it for a thing. Being present here and now is where it's at. 
Ball is his favorite word. HANDS DOWN. Shocking?
Tobin is just the best thing ever. I make jokes and do my best to not seem the ridiculously proud and over-attentive parent obsessed with their own child when out in public, when in reality all I can do is look at him and not bubble over. Oh, Son - truly, truly, you make my cup runneth over. Ty and I will lay in bed at night and look at one another and say "How can we ever have another kid as fun, wonderful, beautiful, happy, (insert ridiculously prideful adjective here), as our Tobin." And we sigh and then say we can't and know that we must be in for it with number two because he is just too wonderful for words. 

Ready to vomit? Yeah, me too. I get it - it's sick. But seriously, you would be just as smitten if you knew him. 
Double chins never looked so good!
Like the other day we were in Target (don't all good stories start that way?), and he decided he was not going to be in the cart so Grandma was watching him meander through the aisles when all of a sudden he decided he was going to play tag with a 5-7 (I am awful at guessing ages!) year old girl who was walking with her mom up ahead. And you guys - cutest thing ever. You could tell he thought he was "getting her" - see his love for this in videos here and here - and he just ran up to her smiling and would pause right as he reached her. And then when she'd walk up ahead he'd run after her again. 

Obviously this kind of confused the girl (what, don't all strangers bust into tag?!?!) but once she caught on to what he was doing, she loved it. And of course, Tobin wanted to hug her once he reached her, but settled for a handshake. This is the second time he's tried to hug a random kid. He's a lover of big kids. We kind of need to work on boundaries - we LOVE everyone, everyone should LOVE us, he's totally that kind. We're going to have to work on that...stranger danger is not part of his vocabulary. 
Such serious business - baseball. And so proud of himself:)
I share this story (if you are all still reading) because I think it just encapsulates his littler personhood so well right now. He is an energetic, out-going, confident, little guy with a whole lotta love to give. And I know we all love our kids - but man, do I LIKE him. He's already one of my best friends.
I captured how fast he was going. But don't be fooled, he fell shortly after;)
And since we're still nursing, I am home to his two very best friends. So I guess the feeling is mutual. Ha!


Beth and Matt said...

Matt and I feel the same way-there is no way when we have another kid that they will be as great as Bennett :-)

Brionna said...

So adorable! I love that he loves baseball now! You do love your first one in some magical way, but then you have a second (or third ;)) and you get those magical feelings all over again. It is probably one of the reasons people have more than one kiddo. But enjoy this special time with him now, because the dynamic changes when you add another sibling and time will vanish even faster than before.

Megan said...

I love his hair. What a happy and remarkable kid. :)