Thursday, December 13, 2012

My present is presence...

Ha! Get it?

I said the title of this post to my mom in a conversation last night and thought I was very clever (you can laugh) so it's getting double-duty by appearing on the blog. But 'tis true.

There is something about this season, where on one hand you are full of joy and thankfulness and then a second later you can be overwhelmed with feelings of ohmygosh twelve more days till Christmas and there are no lights up outside, less than 50% of the gifts have been purchased, and the only gifts that have been wrapped were those that had to be shipped off (kudos to me for at least getting that done!).

But really. It's so easy to be overwhelmed. And dare I say, even more so when you've got a little one in the mix. But that little one, oh my. That boy - he is so demanding of my time in such a good way. I want to be on the floor wrestling with him every minute I can, or reading the books he's so carefully picked out and toddled back to me with in his chubby hands, signaling his wish to read said book.

For someone who finds delight in the hustle and bustle - the decorating, the wrapping, the planning, this year is so different. And while I still love those things, I am surprised at how easily and quickly I have lowered my expectations and let things go. Because there really is no greater present I can give my family - than to just be present.

And I think that makes us all feel pretty darn jolly. Happy holidays!

Our season so far - as seen through the lens of Instagram;)


Brionna said...

It is true! Presence is the most important. And when little ones get in the mix everything changes. He is not going to remember how the gifts look under the tree, but he will remember his mamma reading or wrestling with him. And I love the pictures! All of them! The monkey hat- Adorable! You and your mama- GORGEOUS! And Tobin in the closet- just too stinking cute!!!

Megan said...

I think that's a wonderful present! Have a wonderful holiday :)

Kendall Lawless said...

I FINALLY caught up on your blog (sorry I've been so neglectful of it lately) and can't believe how big Tobin is!! He actually weighs as much as Roz, believe it or not. I bet when they finally meet, he'll be bigger than her and look about 2 years older. :) I'm so glad that you were able to relax and just enjoy your time with your family over Christmas...I completely agree with you and Brionna that being present is much more important than anything else. I love you all so much and hope you're enjoying your Saturday! Give that adorable kid a big smooch from me!